14th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium

Saturday March 11, 1995

Nancy Cuthbert, University of British Columbia, “Constable’s Wiltshire: Ancient Ruins and the Modern Nation”

Alice Jim, Concordia University,
“Surface Readings of Postcolonial Bodies”

Calvin Taplay, University of British Columbia, “Homo Mexicanus, the Forgotten Man and the State: Conflicts Surrounding Paul Strand’s Representations of Mexican Peasantry”

Helen Delacretaz, University of British Columbia, “Mughal Indian and the Religious Image: Qur’anic and Biblical Subject Matter in Islamic Miniature Painting”

Jill Miller, University of Minnesota,
“The Rebozo and the Revolution: The Shawl as an Everyday Mexican Icon”

Anna Dempsey, Columbia University,
“Albretcht Dürer and German Cultural Identity in the Twentieth Century”

Joseph Monteyne, University of British Columbia, “Absolute Faith; or France Bringing Representation to the Subjects of New France”