10th Annual Art History Undergraduate Symposium

An exciting evening of Art Historical discussion and critical reflection. Reception at 6pm.

The Department of Art History, Visual Art And Theory and the Art History Students’ Association are pleased to present the 10th Annual Art History Undergraduate Symposium.

You are cordially invited to join us on March 21, 2014 for an exciting evening of Art Historical discussion and critical reflection. The symposium comprises the presentation and discussion of a range of undergraduate research treating on contemporary and historical issues. This year’s topics examine a wide range of issues surrounding the politics of modernity, surveillance and sexuality, structural semiotics, and the aesthetics of place and (dis)continuity. Each presentation will be followed by a conversation period during which all students and faculty are encouraged to voice questions and comments. Refreshments will be provided during intermission and final reception.

2:30PM – Introduction

Sebastiaan Boersma: “The Bliss of Creative Destruction; or, the Outlandish Outgrowth of Hugo Ball’s Mimicry and Ventriloquy.”

Natalie Cammarasana: “Toulouse-Lautrec’s Medical Inspection: Observation in the 19th Century Parisian Brothel.”

4:00-4:20PM – Intermission

Katia Fernández: “European Influences on Mughal Miniature Art: Exploration of the “Other” in Occidental and Oriental Ambits.”

Nicholas Harvey-Cheetham: “Sensitive Networks: The Material and Aesthetic Implications of Vision, Visibility, and Surveillance in the Built Environment.”

Cherie Sommer: “Disruption and Juncture in Native Sexuality: An Examination of Colonial Desexualization Practices on First Nations Communities and Globalizing Modes of Interpretation in the Contemporary Artist Nicholas Galanin’s Work.”

6:00PM – Reception