06th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium

Wednesday April 22, 1987

A Modern Day

Victor Samerjian, “Reception of Surrealism in New York: 1948-1955”

Robert Lindsay, “Wilfredo Lam: Painter of Negritude”

Andrea Thomsett, “Charles Estienne’s Critical Discourse and the Search for Revolt”

Allan Langdale, “Picasso and the ‘Corrida’ Images of the 1950’s”

Julia Browne, “Picasso’s Ceramics: The Past Tradition”

Alexander Alberro, “Calling From the ‘Charnet House’: 1945-1946”

Dian Kriz, “Picasso’s Variations of Delacroix ‘Femmes d’Alger’: The Grand Tradition Desire and Colonialism (Again)”

Maureen Lunn, “Georges Bataille and Images of Heterogeneity: The Case of Hans Bellmer and Lee Miller”

Kevin Steinke, “The Mystery of Picasso”

Frances Thomas, “Looking for Picasso”