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Summer 2021
No CCST course(s) were found for S2021 term.


Winter 2020

CCST500 Seminar in Interdisciplinary Frameworks in Museum and Curatorial Studies Sections

Theoretical and historical foundations of visual representations and expressive culture. It explores the history of museums and galleries, and changes in the meaning of art and material culture as debates about cultural property intensify.

Instructor(s): Smith, T'ai

CCST502 Case Studies in Museum and Gallery Exhibitions Sections

A case study approach to analyzing museum and gallery exhibitions that are historically significant either because they raised issues and stimulated public debate, or because of radical features that proved influential on subsequent exhibitions. Course not offered every year.

Instructor(s): Shelton, Anthony

CCST503 Graduate Practicum and Major Paper in Curatorial Studies Sections

Practical on-site teamwork to produce exhibitions or other public displays in a museum, gallery, or alternative situation, offering opportunities for comparison, collaboration, and interdisciplinarity. Students concurrently produce a major paper from the ideas and research which generate the exhibition.