Art History Courses

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Summer 2019

ARTH577A Directed Reading - DIR READING Sections

ARTH577C Directed Reading - DIR READING Sections

ARTH599 Master's Thesis Sections

ARTH649 Doctoral Dissertation Sections


Winter 2018

ARTH101 Ways of Seeing: Introduction to Visual Studies Sections

Drawing on examples from across history and around the world, this course deals with the role of the visual in society, culture, and everyday experience.

Instructor(s): Orell, Julia

ARTH102 Crisis and Contradiction in Art and the Built Environment Sections

Concepts and issues critical to the understanding of art and its histories in a global context.

Instructor(s): Salgirli, Saygin

ARTH225 Art in Europe to the Sixteenth Century Sections

A selective survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture.

Instructor(s): Salgirli, Saygin

ARTH226 Art in an Era of Global Expansion Sections

A selective survey of painting, sculpture, and architecture from the 16th century to the emergence of the modern era.

ARTH227 Art and the Visual Environment in the Modern and Post-modern Periods Sections

A selective survey of visual art, architecture and other visual media since 1900.


ARTH262 Indigenous Arts of North America Sections

A survey of the artistic production by Indigenous peoples of North America from pre-contact times to the present.

ARTH300 Seminar on Methods and Approaches in Art History Sections

Theories, problems, and literature in the study of art history. Required of all Major and Honours students in art history.

Instructor(s): Mansoor, Jaleh

ARTH319 The Archaeology of Ancient Iraq and Syria: Babylon and Beyond Sections

An overview of the archaeology of the ancient Near East, with special emphasis on the civilizations of Mesopotamia, from the appearance of the first cities (c. 3400 BCE) to the end of the Persian period (c. 330 BCE).

ARTH320 Entangled Worlds: Spain and Colonial Latin America (1500-1700) Sections

Role of visual art and culture within Catholic Spain and colonial Latin America is surveyed, with emphasis on transculturation from mudejar to mestizaje.

ARTH322 Early Modern Italian Art and Culture (ca. 1550-1700) Sections

Focus primarily on Rome as the center of artistic, cultural, economic, and religious power in the seventeenth century.

Instructor(s): Soussloff, Catherine

ARTH338 Visual Culture in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution (1715-1830) Sections

Art, architecture, and social space in Europe and America: redefining gender, identity and nation in the era of industrialization and political change.

ARTH339 19th-Century Art and Social Space Sections

Ideologies of gender, class, race, ethnicity, and economics in 19th-century European and American visual culture.

Instructor(s): Lerner, Jillian

ARTH340 20th Century Art and Culture: The Triumph and Demise of Modernism Sections

A critical survey of western art and cultural production from the turn of the century to the development of Pop Art.

ARTH341 20th Century Art and Culture: The Postmodern Sections

A critical examination of international visual art and culture from the 1950s to the present; the role of art in consumerist society and the emergence of postmodernism.

Instructor(s): Smith, T'ai

ARTH345 History of Photography: Archive, Spectacle, Reality Sections

History and theory of photography, from the competitive context of invention in the 1830s to contemporary uses in social media.

Instructor(s): Silver, Erin

ARTH350 Grounding the Islamic Image Sections

Contextualizing the complex language of images in the Islamic world.

ARTH352 Historic India: Images, Temples and the Construction of Indian Art History Sections

North and South Indian art and architecture with an emphasis on Buddhism and Hinduism.

ARTH358 Chinese Art for the Afterlife Sections

Close analyses of Chinese tomb objects and tombs as spatial constructs in their historical, ritual, and social context.

ARTH360 Chinese Painting: Word and Image Sections

Analyses visual narratives and relationships between painting, calligraphy, and poetry in court and literati painting.

Instructor(s): Orell, Julia

ARTH369 Art in Japan: Modern Visual Culture Sections

Self and community in the art and visual culture of modern Japan.

ARTH377 Arts of the Northwest Coast Peoples: The South Sections

The histories, historiography and cultural diversity of the Southern Northwest Coast region; persistence and innovation in the arts in communities, and in cross-cultural and market spheres.

ARTH380 Art as Technology Sections

Relationship between artistic practice and media, examined through a history of paradigm shifts in technology.

Instructor(s): Lerner, Jillian

ARTH382 Is Art History Queer? Sections

Issues in the history of art through the lens of queer theory.

ARTH410 Seminar in African Art Sections

Key debates in the art of Africa and the African diaspora

ARTH439 Seminar in 18th and 19th-Century Visual Culture Sections

ARTH440A Seminar in Modern and Contemporary Art - MOD & CONTEM ART Sections

ARTH443 Seminar in Canadian Art Sections

ARTH445 Film and the City Sections

The complex interrelations between film and the city; dominant urban theories, film technologies and viewing practices and the intersections between them.

ARTH448 Seminar in North American Architecture Sections

ARTH476 Seminar in North American Aboriginal Art Sections

Instructor(s): Shelton, Anthony

ARTH479 Performance Actions and Approaches Sections

Advanced performance art practices and research methodologies.

ARTH480 Visual and Digital Media Theory Sections

A thematic examination of key arguments in visual and digital media theory, focusing on developments in lens-based and digital media in relationship to twentieth-century and contemporary artistic practice.

ARTH499 Honours Essay Sections

ARTH540A Studies in 20th Century Art - 20TH CENT ART Sections

ARTH550 Studies in Art in the Islamic World Sections

ARTH551A Studies in Chinese Art - CHN ART Sections

ARTH553A Studies in Japanese Art - JAPANESE ART Sections

ARTH555A Studies in South and Southeast Asian Art - SE ASIAN ART Sections

ARTH571 The Methodology of Art History Sections

Required of all art history graduate students.

ARTH577A Directed Reading - DIR READING Sections

ARTH577B Directed Reading - DIR READING Sections

ARTH577C Directed Reading - DIR READING Sections

ARTH599 Master's Thesis Sections

ARTH649 Doctoral Dissertation Sections