Buildings and Facilities

A/ MORRIS AND HELEN BELKIN GALLERY | 1825 Main Mall. Gallery and Offices.

B/ BUCHANAN BUILDING BLOCK B | 1866 Main Mall. B202 and B206 Digital Labs.

C/ FREDERIC LASSERRE BUILDING | 6333 Memorial Rd. AHVA Head Office, Administration, Visual Resources Centre (VRC), Faculty Offices and Classrooms.

D/ AUDITORIUM ANNEX OFFICES A | 1924 West Mall. Faculty Offices.

E/ OLD FIRE HALL | 2038 West Mall. Faculty Studios and Offices.

F/ B.C. BINNING STUDIOS | 6373 University Blvd. Photo Digital Facilities, Faculty Studios and Offices.

G/ DOROTHY SOMERSET STUDIOS | 6361 University Blvd. Painting, Drawing and Sculpture Studios, AHVA Workshop, Faculty Studios and Offices.

H/ AUDAIN ART CENTRE | 6398 University Blvd. AHVA Gallery, Print Media Research Centre (PRC), BFA and MFA Studios, Faculty Studios and Offices.

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