Phillip McCrum

BFA, MFA (University of Ulster)

Phillip McCrum has worked in the Vancouver arts community since the 1980s in a variety of capacities, including as curator of the OR Gallery (1987–89), co-editor of BOO Magazine (1994–96), and associate and board member of several artist-run centres. He taught in a number of diverse communities from 1999 to 2004, including a studio residency funded by the City of Hamburg City Art Council; teaching in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Lethbridge; a year of study at the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland; and a year teaching at the Hangzhou University of Commerce, China, in the Postgraduate and Art and Design Departments.

My personal art practice and strategies of practice cover a number of mediums and I am fond of experimenting with new medias and new materials. I consider this an important aspect of my art. My art practice includes multiple exhibitions in a number of media: video, installation, sculpture, multimedia, and painting. I have also worked in the movie and multimedia industries. These experiences developed my skills and understanding of several disciplines and a variety of materials and methodologies.

My current research concerns are with painting and digital media; the developing relationship between “the traditional practices,” including avant-garde strategies; and the development of new palettes and forms of expression and representation.