Phillip McCrum

BFA, MFA (University of Ulster)

Phillip McCrum has worked in the Vancouver arts community since the 1980s in a variety of capacities, including as curator of the OR Gallery (1987–89), co-editor of BOO Magazine (1994–96), and associate and board member of several artist-run centres. He taught in a number of diverse communities from 1999 to 2004, including a studio residency funded by the City of Hamburg City Art Council; teaching in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Lethbridge; a year of study at the University of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland; and a year teaching at the Hangzhou University of Commerce, China, in the Postgraduate and Art and Design Departments.

My personal art practice and strategies of practice cover a number of mediums and I am fond of experimenting with new medias and new materials. I consider this an important aspect of my art. My art practice includes multiple exhibitions in a number of media: video, installation, sculpture, multimedia, and painting. I have also worked in the movie and multimedia industries. These experiences developed my skills and understanding of several disciplines and a variety of materials and methodologies.

My current research concerns are with painting and digital media; the developing relationship between “the traditional practices,” including avant-garde strategies; and the development of new palettes and forms of expression and representation.


Winter 2017

VISA230 Painting Sections

Development of a variety of techniques and approaches to painting. Emphasis on developing a strong paint vocabulary as well as acquiring knowledge of historical and contemporary issues in painting.

Winter 2017

VISA210 Digital Arts Sections

Examination of current art practices and issues related to digital technologies and contemporary culture, with an emphasis on the theoretical conceptualization of digital artistic media.

Winter 2017

VISA330 Intermediate Painting I Sections

Development of techniques and personal style in relation to ideas. History and contemporary issues in painting will be introduced to assist students in conceptualizing their painting practice.

Winter 2017

VISA380 Studio Theory Sections

A seminar in problems in contemporary art practice and related theory. Preference given to Visual Art students.

Winter 2017

VISA401H Advanced Open Studio - ADV OPEN STUDIO Sections

Research-based studio with thematic or disciplinary focus. Intended for senior Visual Art undergraduate students.

Winter 2017

VISA475 Exhibition Theory and Practice Sections

Exhibition course focusing on current curatorial practices and theories with an emphasis on contemporary visual art with the aim of preparing students to engage in the active organization of a large exhibition. Restricted to 4th year Majors in either VISA or ARTH, or permission of the instructor.