MA Thesis Topics

Alison Ariss

Chanel Blouin

Irene Choi

Esme Cunningham

Katherine Damon

Madeline Ullrich

Jue (Jade) Wang

Laura Dickson

Thesis Title: (Area: Modern and Contemporary art)
Advisor: John O'Brian

Tristan Ignas-Menzies

David Norman

Heather  Woolley

Michael Zhang

Siwin Lo

Thesis Title: Work and the Work of Art: Agnes Martin, 1959-1964

Judy Jansen

Thesis Title: Framing a Shifting Paradign: Art & Anatomy in the Early Modern Era

Jeff O'Brien

Thesis Title: Archive as History: Godard, Gericault and Hirschhorn's "Costa Concordia"
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault

Jocelyn Plant

Thesis Title: Ornament in the Science of God: the Precious Covers of the Lindau Gospels

Denise Ryner

Thesis Title: Space is a Participant: Strategies of Activation and Presence in the Contemporary Practice of Brian Jungen
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault – Reader(s): Dana Claxton

Rachel Smith

Thesis Title: Beyond Epistemic Disobedience: The Importance of Humor in Fred Wilson's Mining the Museum
Advisor: Katherine Hacker – Reader(s): T'ai Smith

Jayne Wilkinson

Thesis Title: Art Documents: Complicating the Visible in the work of Taryn Simon and Trevor Paglen
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor

Jacqueline Witkowski

Thesis Title: Ever present, never presented: Suzanne Lacy, feminisim, and quilting
Advisor: T'ai Smith – Reader(s): John O'Brian

Victoria Addona

Thesis Title: Boundaries of License: The Materiality of the Painted Facade in Cinquecento Venice.
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Toby Lawrence

Thesis Title: Whose Body? Nicholas and Sheila Pye's 'The Coronation'
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor

Dana Loughlin

Thesis Title: The Entomology of Ornament: 'Essai de Papillonneries Humaines' and the Metamorphoses of Eighteenth-Century Decorative Art
Advisor: Maureen Ryan – Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Robyn Rossmeisl

Thesis Title: Encountering the embodied mouth of hell: the play of oppositions in religious vernacular theater
Advisor: Carol Knicely

Russell  Stephens

Thesis Title: Slanging the emperor: Honoré Daumier’s Le Monde illustré caricatures of the 1867 Exposition Universelle
Advisor: Maureen Ryan – Reader(s): John O’Brian

Shalini Vanan

Thesis Title: 17th-Century Neapolitan Paintings of the Flagellation of Christ: Temporality, Pain & Performance
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Danijela Zutic

Thesis Title: Seeing again: geometry, cartography and visions in the work of Opicinus de Canistris (1296-C.1354)
Advisor: Carol Knicely – Reader(s): Bronwen Wilon

Lisa Andersen

Thesis Title: Rosso's Fury : engraving, antique sculpture, and the topos of death
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Larissa Grzesiak

Thesis Title: Spolia's Implications in the Early Christian Church
Advisor: Catherine M. Soussloff – Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Samuel Sackeroff

Thesis Title: The testimonial gesture : temporality and mediation in representations of John the Baptist
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Marv Cohodas, Maureen Ryan

Vanessa Sorenson

Thesis Title: Messages to the public: Krzysztof Wodiczko and Jenny Holzer vs. the Reagan revolution
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut

Kelsey Wilson

Thesis Title: Visualizing the Imperial Mission of the Salvation Army
Advisor: Maureen Ryan – Reader(s): Joy Dixon

Erica Zacharias

Thesis Title: Gordon Matta-Clark's photographic spaces
Advisor: Catherine M. Soussloff – Reader(s): John O'Brian

Carla Benzan

Thesis Title: Conditions of Sociability: Mobility, Mutability and Medaglie in Early Modern Networks and Publics
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Serge Guilbaut, Jillian Taylor-Lerner

Jean Kares

Thesis Title: Playing Host to Cultural Prestige: Transmission and Translation Through Two Manchu Kesi
Advisor: Tsao Hsingyuan – Reader(s): Katherine Hacker

Rebecca Lesser

Thesis Title: Mid-Century Canadian Portrait Photography
Advisor: John O'Brian

Amanda Sciampacone

Thesis Title: Monumental Failure: British Representations of the Black Hole Memorial of Calcutta
Advisor: Maureen Ryan – Reader(s): Katherine Hacker

Devon Smither

Thesis Title: Beyond the Mirror: Nude Self-representation in the Work of Lilias Torrance Newton, Prudence Heward, and Pegi Nicol MacLeod
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson

Ivana Vranic

Thesis Title: Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà: Materiality, Temporality and Transubstantiation
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Angela Zhang

Thesis Title: Ignorant Gaze: George MaCartney's Negotiation with China in 1793
Advisor: Hsingyuan Tsao, Serge Guilbaut

Ashley Belanger

Thesis Title: Avalanche and File: Plotting in the field of cultural production
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): Scott Watson

Greg Gibson

Thesis Title: Moving Forward: The "Save the Kogawa House" Campaign and Reconciliatory Politics in Canada
Advisor: Scott Watson – Reader(s): Chris Friedrichs

Adah Hudson (Neuman)

Thesis Title: Sailing the Boat of Tradition: Mi Fu’s Revision and Innovation in Calligraphy
Advisor: Hsingyuan Tsao – Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson

Sara Mameni-Bushor

Thesis Title: "Failed & Fell: Fell to Fail" The Narration of History in the Works of Tacita Dean and Jeremy Deller
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): William Wood

Laura Matwichuk

Thesis Title: Slide Show, Monograph, Cibachrome: Nan Goldin's Colour Photographs in Three Forms
Advisor: William Wood – Reader(s): John O'Brian

Heather Muckart

Thesis Title: The Face of Death: Prints, Personifications and the Great Plague of London
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson, Carol Knicely

Joshua Schwab

Thesis Title: Recordando los Binnigula’sa’ - Multiple voices in the Lienzo de Guevea y Petapa
Advisor: Marv Cohodas – Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson, Hsingyuan Tsao

Kimberley Tuttle

Thesis Title: A View of the City: The Urban Landscape and its Architectural Imagery in the Ashburnham Pentateuch
Advisor: Carol Knicely – Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson

Ian Pui Adam Chu

Thesis Title: Crossing the Borders of a Merchant Class: Imagining and Representing Elite Status in the Portraits of the Hong Merchants of Canton
Advisor: Hsingyuan Tsao – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Jeffrey DeCloedt

Thesis Title: How to Read the Bill Reid Bill
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault – Reader(s): Hsingyuan Tsao

Kristen Lambertson

Thesis Title: Mariko Mori and Takashi Murakami
Advisor: William Wood – Reader(s): Hsingyuan Tsao

Zoe Pei-Yu Li

Thesis Title: Consoling Frustrated Scholars: A Copy of a Parting Gift by Wen Zhengming
Advisor: Hsingyuan Tsao – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Lisa Gayle Marshall

Thesis Title: What Design Means to Art
Advisor: Bill Wood – Reader(s): John O’Brian

Milena Tomic

Thesis Title: Rituals and Repetitions: The Displacement of Context in Marina Abramovic's Seven Easy Pieces
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): William Wood

Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda

Thesis Title: Art and Possibility: From Nationalism to Neoliberalism. The Cultural Interventions of Banamex and Televisa
Advisor: William Wood – Reader(s): Serge Guilbaut

Jamie Linn Kemp

Thesis Title: Score & Structure in Ritual Representation
Advisor: Carol Knicely

Christian Patrick Monks

Thesis Title: The twilight years of pictorialism in Vancouver the art photography of Percy Bently during the Second World War
Advisor: John O Brian – Reader(s): William Wood

Mique'l Askren

Thesis Title: From Negative to Positive: BA Haldane, 19thc Tsimshian Photographer
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault – Reader(s): Marvin Cohodas

Simon McNally

Thesis Title: Distension and Dissension: Artforum and the Seventies
Advisor: William Wood – Reader(s): Ken Lum

Maja Dujakovic

Thesis Title: Dancing with the Dance of the Dead: Cemetery of the Innocents and the Ramifications of the Macabre
Advisor: Carol Knicely – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Laura MacDonald

Thesis Title: Bring the pain Bob Flanagan, Sheree Rose and masochistic art during the NEA...
Advisor: Bill Wood – Reader(s): John O’Brian

Catherine (Kate) Steinmann

Thesis Title: Study from Nature: Women, Mobility, and the Politics of Urban Vision in Harper's Weekly , January 1860
Advisor: Maureen Ryan – Reader(s): John O’Brian

Juan Andres Gaitan

Thesis Title: The Indigenous as an Allegorical Figure in Antionio Caro's (Momenaje a Manuel Quintin) Lame and Cildo Meireles' (Zero Cruzeiro)
Advisor: Rita Eder – Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Jaffar Khonsary

Thesis Title: Between Clutter and Containment: Situating Eugene Atget's Interieurs parisiens
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Cecilia Olivares Farias

Thesis Title: A Hunger for Freedom, A wall of Separation Migrant Votive Images
Advisor: Carol Knicely – Reader(s): Rita Eder

Monika Szewczyk

Thesis Title: Unsafe Building: Coming & Reading int Vito Acconci's 'The Red Tapes'
Advisor: John O’Brian – Reader(s): Scott Watson

David Matthew Alexandre

Thesis Title: Looking Through Ruin: Canadian Photography at Ypres and the Archive of War
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): Rose Marie San Juan

Paloma Campbell

Thesis Title: Looking at Annibale Carracci's 'The Butcher Shop'
Advisor: Rose Marie San Juan – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Rajdeep Singh Gill

Thesis Title: Indigenous Spectres, Subversive Lilas: Encounters Between Nawabi Authority, Colonialism & Popular Ritual in Lucknow
Advisor: Katherine Hacker – Reader(s): Sunera Thobani

Jasmina Karabeg

Thesis Title: Caravaggio's Crucifixion of St Andrew: From the Abstraction of the Law to the Afflicted Body
Advisor: Rose Marie San Juan – Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Kim-Ly Thi Nguyen

Thesis Title: Vincenzo Campi's Rocptta Eaters (c. 1585): Viewership and the Early Modern Market
Advisor: Rose Marie San Juan – Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Sadira Elfrieda Rodrigues

Thesis Title: Neither Red Nor Black! Cuba, Africa, and the Politics of Posters
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): Scott Watson

Kari Leanne Shepherdson

Thesis Title: Fists, Youth, and Protest: Oshima Nagisa's Filmic Rebellion in 1960
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): Joshua Musto