BA Honours in Art History Program

The Honours Program is designed for particularly motivated students who are intending to continue their studies with advanced work in art history, whether through graduate study or a career focused on some aspect of the field.

Students considering Honours should consult with the Art History Undergraduate Advisor to receive approval before entering the program.

Students enter the Honours Program in their third year, and are expected to have previously completed 12 credits of 100 and 200 level ARTH courses. Honours students are expected to have a high B average in all first and second year course work and a minimum A- average in art history. If that minimum average is not maintained in third year art history courses, students will be advised to revert to the Major program.

The Honours Program is the same as the Major Program with two additional requirements:

  • 12 additional upper-level ARTH credits (300 and above)
  • ARTH 499 Honours Essay (6 credits)

Completing these additional requirements gives Honours students a minimum total of 48 credits in Art History over their third and fourth years.

The Honours Essay offers the student an opportunity to develop a specific interest into a topic of significant depth. The scope and length of the Honours Essay is defined in consultation with an Art History faculty advisor, while its presentation must conform to standard thesis requirements.


  • No more than 6 credits of cross-listed courses offered by other departments, excepting ARTH 329 (Classical Studies 330), may be counted toward the minimum requirements for the Major or Honours degrees.
  • Details of the fourth year seminars to be offered will be announced approximately 3 months prior to the start date. Please check this website for information on the subjects of the seminars to be offered and for any required or suggested preliminary reading.
  • Cross-listed courses, even though they may be taken under the department offering the course, must be counted in the 60-credit limit of ARTH courses if the student is a Major in either department.