Photography and Digital Media FAQs

Digital Lab Safety

Please see the Studio Section of the AHVA Handbook for a complete guide to lab safety, and AHVA and UBC’s policies on working in labs.

* Students using the digital lab must always follow the AHVA Work Together Policy.

AHVA Work Together Policy

After-hours and unsupervised access to AHVA facilities and studios are permitted only when you have a Work Partner physically present with you in the facility for the duration of a work period.

“After-hours” are defined as any times outside of Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.

“Work Partners” are defined as students currently taking courses through AHVA, who are familiar with the facilities, studio conduct, and the health, safety, and emergency policies currently in place.

Failure to fully comply with the above Work Alone policy will result in the suspension of after hours access to AHVA facilities.

Safety at UBC

Download Safety at UBC contains the following: policies and information for workers rights and responsibilities, safety resources, hazard reporting, first aid facilities, emergency procedures, working alone or in isolation, violence in the workplace, and more.


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