Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance (SAI) is an optional insurance plan that provides accident (not illness) coverage for UBC registered students when engaged in course work. It is designed to cover UBC students and post-doctoral fellows performing course-work-related activities in environments where the risk of injury is greater than in a classroom, e.g., laboratories, clinical practice, or field work.

SAI provides a $50,000 maximum benefit for death or dismemberment and a $5,000 limit for other medical-related expenses, e.g., ambulance, prescription drugs. Students must have a BC Medical Plan or its equivalent from another province in place (basic medical care) in order to be eligible.

SAI is $7 per year per student, and AHVA must collect the premium from students. For more information, please visit the AHVA main office in room 400 (4th floor), Lasserre Building, 6333 Memorial Road.