Health and Safety

As we navigate the process for limited in-person learning and teaching at our AHVA facilities, we would like to update you all on a few developing items to help protect our community during this pandemic:

Non-Medical masks mandatory on campus
Non-medical masks are mandatory in common indoor spaces on campus, such as classrooms, stairwells, hallways, washrooms, and shared offices. This requirement does not replace established protocols for 2m physical distancing or maximum occupancy limits, but is an additional measure.

QR Code Program
Signage are posted in our facilities, whereupon every department member entering/exiting any AHVA building, for any activity, must scan the appropriate QR code and complete a short COVID-19 related safety survey.

Link for department members

Link for visitors

Card Readers – “One Beep, One Entry”
At all AHVA buildings/facilities, one scan per person at exterior and interior card access reader controlled doors in now in effect. We all need to model this practice as this information further supports contact tracing efforts on campus.

Studio Class Attendance/Facility Bookings
Taking class attendance and confirming each person is captured during facility bookings access (i.e. Photostudio) is key to ensuring a safe in-person learning and teaching environment (and necessary if we are to maintain access to AHVA facilities by students, faculty, and staff). Facility bookings are being refined and a “how-to” sign up video is being produced to aid students and faculty with this process. Please visit here for more information.

Planned in person class meetings off campus
Each planned off-site class meeting (e.g., field trips to galleries, public spaces) requires a separate safety plan that is reviewed by Ready UBC and the Faculty of Arts. The review process is 10 business days. Please connect with Greg Gibson or Jeremy Jaud for advice on what is required for your plan and the submission process.

Thanks for your flexibility and understanding as we continue to work towards facilitating a safe in-person learning, teaching, research and working environment for our students, faculty and staff.


COVID-19 Safety Plans


QR Code Signage