Printmedia Research Centre

Printmedia Research Centre, Audain Art Centre

Printmedia Research Centre, Audain Art Centre

Audain Art Centre, 6398 University Boulevard, Second Floor

The UBC Printmedia Research Centre (PRC) provides a dynamic learning and research environment for the production of visual art in all major print media. This well-equipped facility allows for an integrated approach to print media that fosters a union of digital-image generation with traditional and contemporary intaglio, relief, screen and lithographic printmaking processes, as well as letterpress and bookbinding procedures.

Students are encouraged to explore aesthetic, theoretical and cultural issues through innovative visual means aimed at advancing the study and critique of contemporary culture. Cognizant of the current worldwide renaissance in print media, programs provide a broad contemporary, historical, and theoretical perspective on the expressive potential of print.

Technician Ian Craig working with Beau Dick in the PRC.

Students enrolled in printmaking courses may have restricted after hours access to the facility. Students also have access to lockers and large flatfiles for storage of their supplies and work. The faculty and staff of the PRC are vigilant in the continuous development and maintenance of a non-toxic, well-ventilated environment, as well as the implementation of sustainable practices, while encouraging students to explore a full range of print media.

For additional information please contact the PRC technician Ian Craig.