Guadalupe Martinez


Guadalupe Martinez is an Argentine-Canadian artist based in Vancouver since 2008.

Rooted in an interest for phenomenology, sculpture, and performance, Martinez’s work looks at particularities of place searching for lyrical expressions of memory, narrative, and identity. Embodiment is fundamental to develop what she calls poetic actions: a unifying principle where materials, bodies, and place converge in the moment and juxtapose with the threads of history. These are a structure that runs through all of her works as a recurring intervention that reflects about larger poetical and political conditions.

Currently Martinez’s research focuses on the relationship between performance art and pedagogy. This investigation develops through workshops, collaborative movement, and public events. Martinez’s practice seeks to integrate her performances and sculptures, theoretical research, writing, and curatorial interests into a holistic approach that is process based, collaborative, and democratic.

Martinez has shown her work and research in Canada at VIVO Media Arts (2017), The Foreshore (2017), Griffin Art Projects (2017), Latitude 53 (2015), Access Gallery (2014), Grunt Gallery (2013), The Commons Gallery (2013), in Buenos Aires at CIA (Centro de Investigaciones Artisticas) (2016), Palais de Glace, Museo del Grabado, Centro Cultural San Martin and Centro Cultural Borges, in Mexico, and Italy.

Residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta, Dorchester Projects in Chicago, IL, and Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, NC, were of great significance in her artistic process.