VISA 330 Painting Showcase at Audain Art Centre

Art in the time of Covid! AHVA Gallery staff and Work Learn students have recently installed works from the third-year painting class VISA 330, taught by Phil McCrum in fall 2020. The display is viewable from outside the Audain Art Centre along University Boulevard.

The artists were asked to respond to a number of themes and ideas that are part of the discussion about contemporary art and life. The themes range from the specific—self-portraiture, the body, abstraction, for example—to more wide-ranging discussions, such as the Western tradition and its relationship to history, the artist’s responsibility, and the place of painting in the expanded practice of contemporary art. These paintings are some of the responses.



Pamela Aracena
Anna Be
David Boguslavsky
Nolan Boyd
Xiyuan Cao
Corinna Chen
Tariqa Durazi
Kim English
Olivia Godfrey
Saphren Ma
Armita Shahmirza
Kiana Shahnia
Natalie Warkentin
Hailey Woo
Yue Zhu