Young Multimedia Artists Today

Three young artists share their insights on today’s information society, its current global transformations, and their own experimental modes of communication.

Damla Tamer is an artist from Istanbul currently based in Vancouver, and a sessional faculty at UBC, Art History and Visual Art Department. About three years ago the anecdote became an integral part of Damla’s artistic practice. The anecdote is used as a rhetorical medium that interacts with both images and objects, urging the spectator to both look and listen. Damla is particularly interested in examining the artistic and political stakes of the process of encountering singular events, forgetting them, and letting them re-emerge in contingent circumstances.

Kevin Murphy
is a Vancouver artist who works primarily in 3 dimensions, using a variety of materials in combination with systems, cycles, or organisms. He most often investigates human relationships to ideas of ‘Nature’ and the natural or nonhuman world, and how these manifest in material, economic, and imaginative terms.
Kevin Day is a Vancouver-based Taiwanese artist. With a keen interest in the fallibility of the human mind/flesh versus the presumed rationality of the machine, Day’s practice revolves around the examination of bodily and medial noise that persists in the encoded age of cultural informatics and perpetual mediation. Informed through media, communications, and cyber theories, Day’s practice resists the instrumentalization of informatics and decontextualized data by introducing the abundance of slippages and noise in the process of signal transmission.

All three artists are alumni of the Visual Art program at UBC.

Furthering the work of a recent scholarly initiative by CAUSA research curators David Bellman and M. Cynog Evans, Close Connections: A Bibliographic Exhibition ( ), this project once again builds networks between libraries, resources, and their publics.

The North Vancouver City Library programming includes three Reading Series – a selection of 30 books (a mixture of local library books and titles borrowed through interlibrary loan) on specific topics that continue the discussion initiated by BAXTER&’s artwork. Each month’s Reading Series is also accompanied by an event.