VIS-A-VIS: a class show of printed matter

Exhibition runs two days only! Dec 2 and 3, 2013.

Garry Kennedy and Cathy Busby’s VISA 370A Printed Matter class have been making small edition artist books, wall works and ephemera all semester. Now they’re making a exhibition of their work, with much of it for sale. UBC’s AMS Art Gallery is hosting this 2-day only show by students: Polina Bachlakova; Elysse Bell; Dana Chan; Shaina Dickson; Amiel Gonzales; Vanessa Grondin; Ervin Hadzic; Michelle Hahn; Christian Jones; Nicholas Lowewen; Ria Ma; Ke Meng; Blaine Metzgar; Natalie Ng; Patrick O’Neill; Romy Sank; Ozge Tarim; Sabrina Wong; Nianyin Yang; Risa Yokoi.

The show includes work about a variety of concepts, such as: artspeak and google-translate; the passing of a day as documented by smart phone; the National Security Council cover-up; racist costumes; interviews with artists; tree-named streets in Vancouver; the problem with Indian mascots; great eats in Richmond; guiding the emerging artist; product labels from a bathroom; and mapping out Vancouver’s art scene.

Garry Neill Kennedy is an artist and author of The Last Art College: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 1968-1978. His work, Pattison, is on view at the OR Gallery until Dec 6.
Cathy Busby‘s We Are Sorry 2013 is on view at UBC’s Koerner Library in the Belkin Art Gallery’s, Witnesses: Art and Canada’s Indian Residential Schools.

Show Coordinated by Vanessa Grondin

2 days only: Mon Dec 2, 10 – 7 pm /Tue Dec 3, 10 – 5 pm Reception Tue Dec 3, 2 – 5 pm