UBC Master of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition 1999

Friday September 10, 1999 - Sunday September 19, 1999

Jane Cameron, Sue Laing, Jeremy Todd and Marina Roy

llustrated Panel Discussion, Thursday 16 September 1999, 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. Lasserre Building Rm 102. Moderator: Will

This is an exellent opportunity to view a new generation of artists working in such media as installation, drawing, sculpture, painting, and photography.

Jane Cameron uses textiles and materials from goods left in back lanes in her “architecturally based pieces” to reference the intersection of private and public life and serial consumption.

Sue Laing’s autobiographical approach takes up issues of identity politic, feminist discourse and psychoanalysis. Her work contains aspects of self-portrayal through images, text, sound and momentos.

Jeremy Todd’s large textuaal works and multi-layered ink drawings deal with ideas about communication, and the excesses and decay of language.

Marina Roy uses traditional media such as painting on ceramic plates, photographs, and sculpture to reference art history and convey a crisis in subjectivity and the homogenization and commodification of culture.