The Wall to Wall Sale: UBC Student Art Sale

10am to 4pm Thursday and Friday, 10am to 1pm Saturday.

The Visual Arts Students’ Association (VASA) of the University of British Columbia 2010/2011 present The Wall to Wall Sale: UBC Student Art Sale from November 24 – 27, 2010. This salon-style art exhibition is organized to challenge students to respond to the age-old question “What is Art?”, and more specifically, “What is ART for the institution and students of UBC?”

As we study at this particular university to enhance our knowledge, we are challenged to question the role of art in our society, and wrestle with what this implies in relation to our beliefs on what is important in life.

The artworks presented in this exhibition are not juried nor questioned as to whether it is “good” or “bad” art. All art that was submitted was accepted for the unique voice it contributes into dialogues with people inside and outside contemporary art culture.

The space, time, and purpose of this exhibition can be defined differently by each person who becomes a part of this act itself. Thus, VASA, as a representative of Visual Arts students, considers this exhibition to be an earnest act of students who have been searching for their own answers.

Please share in this moment of pleasant confusion and hope, and let this act be your guide.

Yoriko Gillard
VASA President UBC