The Pose Stands for Potentiality – an exhibtion featuring the work of Jordy Hamilton

Curated by Toby Lawrence. Exhibition runs to October 14th.

Working with the permanent art installation in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre’s Ridington Room, The Pose Stands for Potentiality juxtaposes the University of British Columbia’s formal presidential portraits with a series of small works from Vancouver-based artist Jordy Hamilton. This collection, 96 Studies for a Painting, developed out of an interest in intuitive processes and in the extension of leftovers from studio practices and failed attempts. Beginning with a practical desire to create an abstract painting, the works unintentionally return to the figural image. Hamilton’s initial desire has resulted in a continuing serial practice of fragmenting and extending this figural abstraction, wherein each small painting, built on prior failures, retains a prevailing sense of mutability. Moreover, Hamilton’s abstracted representations instigate conversation between contemporary and traditional forms of painting.

By contrasting the hierarchical position of the presidential portraiture, the juxtaposition becomes emphatic of the process of both individual and artistic achievement. The Pose Stands for Potentiality considers the multiplicity of figural constructions and further highlights a practice that embodies a state of flux through a plurality of positions and continuous development.