(red)man; MFA Candidate Keesic Douglas

Exhibition runs from May 9th – August 31, Toronto.

Opening May 22, 2 – 6pm

Keesic Douglas (MFA Candidate) is a multidisciplinary artist who uses performance, video, installation and of course photography to both explore and challenge the mediated construction of ‘Indian’. As a First Nations Artist he is well aware of the potential for self-exploitation and ethnocentrism and his work considers the dilemma of representing identity as authentic. His method is highly subversive, a sense of humour, which he uses to challenge, disarm, reveal and deconstruct the codified nature of dominant cultures construction of identities.

The Soho Lobby Galley has been involved with the Contact Photography festival for the last three years featuring artist who use photography from Vancouver. It is a privately run cultural space that supports local and Canadian Artists engaged in contemporary art practice.

For more information about the exhibition and/or gallery contact Phillip McCrum