Manuel Pina-Baldoquín – Artist Talk

PeaceTalks #5: On Peace, Beauty and Freedom

The history of 20th century art suggests a continuing belief in the liberating power of art. Yet in retrospective the question still remains – Is there a true potential in art for the liberation of the individual? Can artists actively contribute with their practice to the betterment of society and the creation of durable universal peace? This PeaceTalk will explore moments of history to shed light on the plausible realization of the liberating power of art and its ability to impact peace.

About PeaceTalks
Peace is one of the most complex concepts in human history. It can be understood simply as a state of harmony, or it can be as complicated as the battle for sustaining life in zones of conflict. PeaceTalks is a forum for people to develop practical awareness on topics related to peace, human rights and role of communities in social change. At PeaceGeeks our goal is to improve the understanding of the general public and ultimately empower people to promote peace, accountability and human rights in developing and conflicted affected areas.

Manuel Pina-Baldoquín is a Visual Arts Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia.

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