LEAH CLARK – Merchant-Bankers and the Circulation of Precious Objects in Renaissance Italy: Replication, Exchange and Association

Green College Principal’s Series: Thinking at the Edge of Reason: Interdisciplinarity in Action

Dr. Leah Clark (BA Honours 2004, UBC; MA, Courtauld; PhD, McGill), Art History Sessional Lecturer, Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory

The Principal’s Series is the flagship interdisciplinary speaker-series of a college that lies just off the main axis of the University, at the northernmost edge of the campus. Founded in 1993 as a residence for graduate, postdoctoral and visiting scholars and a venue for university-wide interdisciplinary conversation, Green College is one of UBC’s busiest extracurricular academic sites, hosting over 150 lectures, panels, workshops and conferences every year. The College’s not-for-credit academic series and special lectures are open to all members of the University and to the public (without charge). Talks in the series “Thinking at the Edge of Reason,” which is co-hosted by the Principal, Faculty and Resident Members of the College, are designed to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible and to showcase work by UBC and visiting researchers that ventures beyond the normal limits of disciplinary consensus. Talks last roughly 40-45 minutes and are followed by discussion and a reception. Seating-space is limited.