Join art historian John O’Brian for a special tour of the exhibition TruthBeauty: Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art, 1845-1945

TruthBeauty: Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art, 1845-1945 brings  together more than 150 Pictorialist photographs from the late nineteenth  and early twentieth centuries, tracing the movement’s progression from  its earliest influences to its seminal effect on photographic Modernism. One of the first truly international artistic movements, Pictorialism  was simultaneously a movement, a philosophy, an aesthetic and a style  that arose out of a desire to elevate photography to an art form equal  to painting, drawing and watercolour. The exhibition includes works by  Julia Margaret Cameron, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Robert Demachy, Peter  Henry Emerson, Gertrude Ksebier, Heinrich Chn, Edward Steichen,  Alfred Stieglitz and John Vanderpant.

John O’Brian is a Professor of Art History at the University of British  Columbia. He has published extensively on modern art history, theory and  criticism, and has lectured widely across the United States and Canada,  and in Europe, Israel, Mexico, Australia, China and India. In 1994, he co-founded the Vancouver Art Forum Society, which until 2002 published  Collapse, a journal of which he was an editor. His current research interests focus on national landscape narratives, especially as they are  played out in North America, and on visual responses in art and  photography to nuclear threat and destruction since 1945.