Insiders and Outsiders: Developing New Collaboration Models

A roundtable discussion with Dr. Tasha Hubbard, Danis Goulet, Jesse Wente, Shane Belcourt, Michelle Latimer, and Alethea Arnaquq-Baril. Remarks by Dana Claxton

2017 has been a flashpoint for growing awareness and action of issues regarding ownership, practice and protocols in working with Indigenous stories and storytellers, and a call for film and media productions involving Indigenous peoples to be created by Indigenous people. Is Indigenous storytelling sovereignty absolute, and if not, how can impactful and practical rebalancing take place? Is this a practical or possible reality for future media production?

In a roundtable discussion that will be included in a forthcoming book by Dana Claxton and Ezra Winton called “Insiders/Outsiders,” Indigenous artists take time to reflect on the impact of current practices within Canada‚Äôs cultural media industries, leading to ways in which Indigenous and non-Indigenous allies are responding to historical inequities for authentic and collaborative content creation with Indigenous peoples in Canada.