I don’t know if it makes any sense – I feel quite dizzy and a little drunk due to the blow. I will return with more info shortly…

Group exhibition with Gareth James. To July 23, 2011.

Artists: Acconci Studio, Cory Arcangel, Matthew Brannon, Lucky DeBellevue, Cheryl Donegan, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Renee Green, Guyton\Walker, Alex Hubbard, Gareth James, JEQU, Josh Kline, Margaret Lee, Rose Marcus, Danny McDonald, Jonas Mekas, Sam Moyer, Ken Okiishi, Virginia Overton, Eileen Quinlan, Mika Tajima, Ned Vena, No Input Press. Curated by: Howie Chen & Tim Saltarelli (Dispatch, NY)