CLOSED: Decadence: Flows of Abundance and Decay

Thursday March 5, 2020 - Thursday March 26, 2020

The exhibition is closed. Please see our department COVID-19 update for further details.

The AHVA graduate symposium and its concurrent exhibition is a collaborative, interdisciplinary event, organized by current AHVA graduate students. In line with the University’s mandate our programming is aimed at creating a rich academic environment and fostering intellectual exchange among graduate students. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to engage in questions concerning cultural mediation within visual art and the histories of art and architecture.

Originating in the Latin roots de, meaning “apart/down” and cadere, meaning “to fall,” decadence came to signify decay, or a fall from a more vital state. Beyond its linguistic origins, decadence has taken on a plurality of often contradictory meanings. Decadence: Flows of Abundance and Decay welcomes a variety of perspectives that explore the term’s malleability, taking decadence as a generative force in understanding past and contemporary culture and politics. Considering Charles Baudelaire’s statement that decadence is “an ingenious style complex, wise, full of nuances and refinements, forever extending the limits of language, borrowing from all technical lexicons, taking colours from every palette and notes from every musical instrument.” This exhibition sets out to locate and examine these complexities within distinct historical and cultural contexts.

The exhibition is mounted as part of the 43rd Annual AHVA Graduate Symposium, held March 6 in the Audain Art Centre.

Artists: Aileen Bahmanipour (Art University of Tehran, UBC), Anna Firth (Evergreen State College, Emily Carr University), Hamidreza Jadid (SFU), Sharona Franklin, Martin Katzoff (UBC), Malina Sintnicolaas (York University, Emily Carr University)

Opening Reception
Thursday, March 5, 2020
6 – 8 PM

AHVA Gallery
Audain Art Centre
6398 University Blvd.

Exhibition runs
March 5 – 26, 2020
Tuesday – Saturday
12 – 4 PM