Common Energy UBC Presents:

An exhibition and forum that explores art and aesthetics in relation to sustainable development.

eARTh 2012: An exhibition and forum that explores art and aesthetics in relation to sustainable development. eARTh seeks to engage artists, academics and the public in an exploration of how art can pertain to social change.

All events take place March 9th at the Center for Interactive Research and Sustainability (CIRS UBC).

3pm-4.30pm: Discussion Forum

A panel discussion on sustainability and social change in the context of art and aesthetics.

Sharon Kallis: Sculptor. Founder of the Means of Production Artists Raw Resource Collective. (

Kaitlin Zhang: UBC VISA Student, artist and manager of Vancouver’s first online art gallery. (

Jorge Amigo: Editor-in-Chief of We Canada. Political Scientist, Environmentalist and Social Media Specialist.

Emily Beausoleil: Political Science Professor and PhD candidate. Dissertation: “Performing Democracy: Artistic Engagements with Identity/Difference”.

5pm-6.30pm: Film Screening

Cinema Politica UBC screening of  “Manufactured Landscapes”. See Trailer and the Facebook event for more details.

7pm-8.30pm: Art Exhibition Opening Show

Official exhibition opening with performances by local performance artists.

There will be an accompanying visual component for this forum in the form of exhibited works by local artists. These works and this event are attempts to draw public attention to CIRS which is respected for being the most innovative green building in North America. In addition to being an international leader in the advancement of sustainable building practices, CIRS is also a venue for research on communication, participation and behavior change. eARTh forum 2012 aims to fulfill CIRS’s mandate by creatively and critically engaging with issues relating to sustainable development.

All the exhibited and performed art-works will be curated and featured in K Zhang Gallery after the event.

Hope to see you there!

Common Energy UBC and the eARTh project team.

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