Arts and Subversive Acts

Works produced by the VISA 250 and 350 classes

The works produced by the VISA 250-001 and 350-001 classes are linked in their exploration and visual enactment of themes such as hybridity, abstraction, boundaries, subversion, and food. However, the diversity of techniques and approaches to these topics resists any totalizing classification. As such, this exhibition’s focus on boundaries and subversive acts ts not only denotes the original project framework of the classes for which the works were made: it also highlights the boundlessness of print media, the play between old and new technologies inherent within it, and the creativity and technical abilities of the students producing work in print. Print techniques employed in the works include both relief and intaglio methods on a variety of plate types in variable sizes, with layered, stencilled, etched, aquatinted, and digital components. The third-year book works are in handbound and unbound formats, and include digital as well as traditional printing processes.
– statement written by Elysse Bell

Instructor: Barbara Zeigler, Associate Professor, UBC Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory.

The second-year colour relief prints on display, some of which combine digital printing, relate to the investigations: (1) Monotype Printing: Abstraction / Collaboration; (2) Hybridity, from the Biological to the Cultural; and (3) Structures.

Artists: Yekta Tehrani, Laura Reid, Mary Agoncillo, Chris Smythe, Sarah Anderson, Christopher Tayah, Bronwyn Austin, Felicia Tjeng, Ashley Chan, Jackie To, Elizabeth Feng, Mackenzie Walker, Raina Hyowon Kim, Simone Williamson, Lynette Hye Rin Lee, Katie Yokota and Ashley Luk.

The third-year book works exhibited relate to an investigation titled Art and Subversive Acts and combine intaglio copper and polymer plate prints, letterpress and digital printing. The larger-format intaglio prints relate to the exploration undertaken titled Food: Security, Rights, and Delights.

Artists: Elysse Bell, Grace Eun-Shin Kim, Chanel Bode, Micaela Kwiatkowski, Teresa Chu, Hannah Chin Yu Lin, Holly Clarke, Pelle Noren, Cassandra Gelmon, Chelsea So Youn Park, Vanessa Grondin, Helia Rashedi, Diana Hart D’Emilio, Desiree Roy, Aleezay Hashmi, Romy Sank, Holly Johnson, Natalie Therrien, Tamlyn Kunimoto and Joanne Ursino.