Art History Graduate Symposium

Saturday March 28, 1981

Judith Ince,
University of British Columbia,
“The Vocabularly of Freedom and the Montreal Avant-Garde in 1948”

Masako Watanabe,
University of British Columbia,“Catfish and Gourd painted by Josetsu: an Investigation of Stylistic Properties and Their Implications”

James Lovejoy,
University of British Columbia, “Tlingit Shaman’s Charms: Meditation of Opposites in the Curing Context”

Sally Stubbs,
University of Victoria,
“George Rouault’s Clowns”

Pat Anderson,
University of British Columbia, “Lely’s Portraits of Women: A Study of the Economics of Love in Restoration England”

Marnie Fleming,
University of British Columbia, William G.R. Hind and the Image of the B.C. Worker”

Hansdieter Erbsmehl,
Universitiy of California, Los Angeles, “The ‘German Student Part as Metapart’ by Joseph Beuys”

Dorinda Neave,
University of Victoria, “Witchcraft and the Paintings of Hieronymus Bosch”