Adorno’s Grey: Hito Steyert

Grey on Grey: Samir Gandesha and Jaleh Mansoor. October 16, 6pm.

Samir Gandesha: The Colour of Adorno’s Thought

In Negative Dialectics, Adorno posits that, “Philosophy, which once seemed obsolete, lives on because the moment to realize it failed.” By considering references to the October Revolution and Karl Marx’s program of simultaneously abolishing and realizing philosophy, Gandesha will explore the extent to which Adorno’s thought manifests a stark opposition between red and grey—between the vital, struggling labouring body and the detached, abstract work of philosophical conceptualization.

Jaleh Mansoor: On Monochromy and Repressive Tolerance: Notes on the Post WWII Recrudescence of the Revolutionary Form

Mansoor will speak about monochrome painting in France and Italy in the 1950s and 1960s in consideration of her research on modernism, European and American art since 1945, and Marxist and Feminist theory and historiography. Mansoor is an Assistant Professor at UBC’s Art History, Visual Art & Theory department.