7th Annual University of British Columbia Art History Undergraduate Symposium

The 7th Annual Art History Undergraduate Symposium will feature the research papers of five undergraduate students who have used innovative approaches to art and visual culture in a variety of historical periods and geographical areas. In the company of students, professors and other members of the community the speakers will present their work with ample time following to ask questions and make comments. Refreshments will be provided during the intermission as well as for the following reception.

Friday March 25th

Opening Remarks

Yasmin Nurming-Por
“A Response to Conceptual Paternity: Theoretical Labour Pains in the Tautological and Entropic Structures of Robert Smithson, Lawrence Weiner and Robert Rauschenberg”

Carli Vierke
“Negotiating Corporeality, Negotiating Identity: The Artist’s Use of the Cyborg as a Response to a Technological Age 1969-2009”

Casey Preston
“A Golem for the Twentieth Century: Heterotopia, the Gothic and the Abject”

Intermission Break

Jocelyn Plant
“The Spread of Christianity and the Fate of Pagan Monuments in Late Antiquity”

Kyle Besuschko
“Agostino Tassi’s Competition on the Capitoline Hill and La Cuccagna: Access and Resistance to the Gastronomic Land of Plenty”