19th Century Studies Symposium: “Boundaries, Borders, Displacement: The Crisis of the Modern”

Event Schedule:

12:00   Opening Remarks

12:15   Reilley Bishop-Stall – Breaking News/Making Myths: Space, Identity and New York’s 19th Century Newsboys

12:50   Dustin Harris – Laboratories of Imperialism: Cultural Theory in the Urban Design of French African Cities

1:25    Sabrina Wong – Empire, Economy, and the Picturesque: India and the Daniell brothers’ “Oriental Scenery”

2:00    Break

2:35    Alison Hurlburt – House Beautiful and the Victorian Consumer

3:10    Russel Stephens – Non-European, Clown, & a la Mode Chinois: Daumier and the 1867 Exposition Universelle

3:45    Amanda Sciampacone – The British Social Body and the Threat of Contamination: Punch, Cholera and the Thames

4:30    Plenary: Dr. Nadja Durbach – Aztecs and Earthmen: The Decline of Civilization at the Victorian Freak Show

                                                Reception Following

Made possible by the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, Law and Society, the Department of History, and the Studio of Fleeing Thoughts

University of British Columbia