19th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium

Thursday March 2, 2000

Intersection: Object, Display, Audience

Salono Mathur
Keynote Speaker University of Michigan
“Decolonizing the Art Object”

Jennifer Marshal
“A Tradition of Modernism, A Taste for Modernity: Holger Cahill’s Display of Folk Art at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1932-33”

Namiko Kunimoto
University of British Columbia
“Body Topography: Visitor Performance at the V.A.G”

Susan Hart
“Joanne Cardinal-Schubert’s “Meeting Ground”: A Place for Cross Cultural Communication and Conversation”

Jennifer Solmes
University of British Columbia
“Steven Mailloux at the Movies: Rhetorical Hermeneutics as a Socially-Based Film Adaptation Theory”

Elizabeth Kalbfleisch
“Bringing Home the Other: Contemporary Tourist Postcards of Guatemala and Mexico”

Sadria Rodrigues
University of British Columbia
“Institutional Critique VS. Institutionalizwd Critique: An analysis of 3 Andrea Fraser Projects”