17th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium

Saturday March 7, 1998

Seducing the Moment: Nostalgia and the Politics of Making History

Monika Kin Gagnon,
Keynote Speaker
Simon Fraser University, Communications,
“Disney’s Pocahontas as Bodyscape”

Irene Fatsea,
MIT, Architectural History, “Panorama or a work of Art? The Archaelogical View of the Nineteenth-Century Athens in the Service of the Nationalistic Politics of the Modern Greek State”

James Phillips,
University of British Columbia, Art History,
“The Many Bodies of Louis Riel: The Remasculization of an Imaginary Indian”

Donna Wawzonek,
Carleton University, Art History,
“Strategies for Scrapbooks In the Victorian Era”

Carol Boram-Hays,
Ohio State University, History of African Art and Archaeology,“Invoking the Glories of the Past -Traditional Dress as Political Protest Among the Zulu of South Africa”

Beverly Grindstaff,
University of California, Los Angeles, Art History, “Practical Aesthetics: Classicism and Industry at Hellerau”

Patricia Kelly,
University of British Columbia, Art History
“Washington’s Burning: Nationhood from the Ashes”