15th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium

Saturday March 16, 1996

Isabel Balzer, Northwestern University,
” ‘Dem eisen Gesetzgeber, dem vater des Vaterlandes’: Prussian Art Politics and Ideology of the Jubiläums-Kynstausstellung 1886 in Berlin”

Colette Apelian, University of California Los Angeles, “The Moroccan City of Fez as a Museum”

Browen Wilson, Northwestern University,
” ‘Il bel sesso e l’austero senato’: The coronation of Dogaressa Morosina Morosini Grimnani”

Charity Mewburn, University of British Columbia, “Strange Bedfellows: Oil, Art and Politics? Or the Rockefeller Connection”

Anne Elizabeth Moore, Art Institute of Chicago, “Class and the Ass: An Investigation of the American Fascination with Buttocks through Comedic Film”

Rosalind Bickel, University of California Los Angeles, “The Anatomy of a Lesbian Fantasy: Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures”

Steve Harris, University of British Columbia,
“Ne pas se pencher au-dehors: The Struggle for Abstraction in Postwar Paris Painting”