CCST Graduate Shahana Rajani in the news!

Shahana Rajani AHVA CCST Graduate in the news in Karachi

The Tentative Collective is a group of young people working throughout the city of Karachi, sharing ideas and resources and producing images, but mostly projecting images from a rickshaw-powered projector, and in that way attempting to connect the experiences of artists, institutions, and ethnically diverse audiences across the public realm of the city with its many layers and divides.

The collective was founded in 2011 by Yaminay Chaudhri. Its core group members include Hajra Haider, Zahra Malkani, Shahana Rajani and Fazal Rizvi. The “idea of working collectively and collaboratively,” as stated by Shahana Rajani, in order to “explore and (re)discover the city,” as commented by Hajra Haider, is what drew the group of people from very diverse practices together. While their approach seems to be directed towards the city as a place of appropriation and re-appropriation, they at the same time tap into the metropolis as a source of often unconnected communication and circulation of mechanisms.

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