PhD Thesis Topics

Lisa Andersen

Thesis Title: Early Modern Intermediality: Courtly Space and its Translation in the School of Fontainebleau
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson

Heida Arnadottir

Thesis Title: The depth of material: Art history and Speculative Realism, in search of a methodology
Advisor: T'ai Smith

Gloria Bell

Kristen Carter

Thesis Title: 'What Do We Do Now?' Strategies and Responses to Disillusionment, 'Failure' and Rage: Individuality and Art After 1968
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor, John O'Brian

Heather Caverhill

Ryan Gauvin

Thesis Title: Worker Photography, Everyday Histories, and a Nuanced Canadian Identity
Advisor: John O'Brian

Katherine Jackson

Thesis Title: The Art as Social Worker? The Community Art Movement in the UK and Re-examing the Role of the Artist in Contemporary Society
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor –  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault, T'ai Smith

Judy Jansen

Jasmina Karabeg

Thesis Title: Le Hazard Objectif -- Surrealism, Science and Politics
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): Robert Brain, Bronwen Wilson, William Wood

Jessica Law

Thesis Title: Topology, and the Materialization of Space within Drawing
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor

Kyoung Yong (Anton) Lee

Thesis Title: Narrative Forms and Visual Sequences: The New Photography in American Practice and French Discourse, 1970-1990
Advisor: Catherine Soussloff – Reader(s): T'ai Smith & Scott Watson

Pamela MacKenzie

Savannah Marlatt

Heather Muckart

Thesis Title: Truth, Vision and Knowing in Early Modern English Martyr Portraits
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson

Jeff O'Brien

Vanessa Parent

Thesis Topic: Viennese Actionism: Subversion, the Body and the building of Community
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor

Jessica Poon

Thesis Title: Cosmopolitanism as a National Ideal: The Painters Eleven and the Figuration of Postwar Canadian Identity, 1948-1957
Advisor: John O'Brian — Reader(s): Serge Guilbaut, T'ai Smith

Sameena Sameena

Marisa Sanchez

Thesis Title: (Areas:post-1960 artistic practices, history and theory of the avant-garde, curatorial practice and museum culture, historiography, and contemporary art with a focus on the continued influence of playwright Samuel Beckett on artists working today).
Advisor: Catherine Soussloff

Rajarshi Sengupta

Thesis Title: Rethinking Chintz: Re-creating and analysing the development of block printed textile production in 17-18th century South India and beyond
Advisor: Katherine Hacker

Robin Simpson

Thesis Title: Surrounded by me: Video Art between the Studio and the Clinic
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor, T'ai Smith

Russell Stephens

Thesis Title: The Role of Argot, or Popular Slang of the Street, in the Caricature of Honore Daumier and Cham, 1848 to 1871
Advisor: Maureen Ryan

Anika Sterba

Thesis Title: (Area: Early 20th Century Art)

Ivana Vranic

Thesis Title: Between Physis and Techn?: Molding, Firing and Painting Terracotta Passion Groups in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Italy
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Carol Knicely, John O'Brian

Jacqueline Witkowski

Joan Boychuk

Thesis Title: Multum in Parvo: The Miniatures of Joris Hoefnagel and the Gathered Practices of Central European Court Culture
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Katherine Hacker

Marcia Crosby

Thesis Title: Urban Aboriginal Cultural Production: A dialogue between representations and the imaginary, and historical facts and experience.
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Yanlong  Guo

Thesis Title: Affordable Luxury: Consumption of Mirrors in Han dynasty Central China
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault – Reader(s): Yue Hongbin, Alison Bailey, Katherine Hacker, Lillian Lan-ying Tseng

Vytas Narusevicius

Thesis Title: Parallel Processing: Conceptual Art in the Age of Revolt, 1966-1970
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): Scott Watson, Jaleh Mansoor

Krystel Chehab

Thesis Title: Material Conversations: Naturalism, Discernment and Seventeenth-Century Spanish Still-Life Painting
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Benjamin Schmidt (U of Washington)

Jean Kyung (Alice) Choi

Michael Coughlin

Thesis Title: Prudence and the Harmonics of Time in the Sixteenth-Century Venetian Architecture
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Serge Guilbaut, Erin Campbell (U.Vic)

Mique'l Dangeli

Thesis Title: Dancing Sovereignty: Politics and Protocols of Northwest Coast First Nations Dance
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gualt – Reader(s): Katherine Hacker, Jerry Wasserman, Paige Raibmon

Maja Dujakovic

Thesis Title: On Books and Death: the Danse Macabre Printed Books in the Fifteenth Century
Advisor: Carol Knicely – Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson, Maureen Ryan

Adrienne Fast

Thesis Title: An Indian Impression: Reproduction, Mark-making and Modernity in Early Twentieth Century Bengal
Advisor: Katherine Hacker – Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson, Harjot Oberoi, Anne Murphy

Ivana Horacek

Thesis Title: Alchemy of the gift: Things and Material Transformations at the Court of Emperor Rudolf II
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson – Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Charlotte Townsend-Gault

Menno Hubregtse

Thesis Title: Aero-kinaesthetics: Airport Aesthetics and the Regulation of Mobilities in the Terminal
Advisor: Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe – Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Sherry McKay

Catherine (Kate) Steinmann

Thesis Title: Visceral Exposure: Melanie Gilligan, Hito Steyerl and the Biopolitics of Visibility
Advisor: John O'Brian

Su-Chen Chang

Thesis Title: Improvising a Great Age: the Creating of Qingming Shengshi (A Great Age under a Benign Regime)
Advisor: Dr. Hsingyuan Tsao – Reader(s): Dr. Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe, Dr. Timothy Brook

Asato Ikeda

Thesis Title: Mobilizing Every Body: Japanese Art, Fascism, and War (1931-1945)
Advisor: John O'Brian, Joshua Mostow – Reader(s): Sharalyn Orbaugh, Katherine Hacker

April Liu

Thesis Title: Living in Auspiciousness: the revival of Mianzhu's New Year Picture (nianhua) industry
Advisor: Tsao Hsinghuan – Reader(s): Katherine Hacker, Leo Shin, Catherine Swatek

Geoffrey Carr

Thesis Title: Building Assimilation: Architecture, Memory, and British Columbia's Indian Residential School System
Advisor: Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Charlotte Townsend Gault

Kazuko Madar (Kameda)

Thesis Title: Pictures of Social Networks: Transforming Visual Representations of the Orchid Pavilion Gathering in the Tokugawa Period (1615-1868)
Advisor: Joshua Mostow – Reader(s): Marv Cohodas, Tsao Hsinghuan

Darlene Calyniuk

Thesis Title: Pistils and Stamens: Botanophilia, Sex and Nationhood in Eighteenth-Century Georgian Britain
Advisor: Maureen Ryan – Reader(s): John O'Brian, Sherry MacKay

Michael Windover

Thesis Title: Aestheticizing Mobilities: Art Deco and the Fashioning of Interwar Public Cultures
Advisor: Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe – Reader(s): Katherine Hacker, Sherry McKay

Barry Magrill

Thesis Title: A "Commerce of Taste" In Pattern Books of Anglican Church Architecture in Canada 1867-1914
Advisor: Maureen Ryan – Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Malcoom Thurlby, Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe

Martha Lydia Sesin

Thesis Title: Playing Their Game: France, Latin America, and the Transformation of Geometric Abstraction in Postwar Paris
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Bill Wood

Dorothy Barenscott

Thesis Title: Troubling Modernity: Spatial Politics, Technologies of Seeing, and the Crisis of the City and the World's Exhibition in Fin de Siècle Budapest
Advisor: Maureen Ryan – Reader(s): John O'Brian, Sherry McKay

Colin Brent Epp

Thesis Title: Art Economy and Criticism
Advisor: Serge Guilbault – Reader(s): Sherry McKay, John O'Brian

Kimberly Jean Phillips

Thesis Title: "Looking for Berlin: Imaginary Cities Behind the Unified Capital"
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Sherry McKay, Steven Taubeneck

Megan Smetzer

Thesis Title: Assimilation or Resistance? The Production and Consumption of Tlingit Beadwork
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault – Reader(s): Marvin Cohodas, Ruth Phillips

Lara Halina Tomaszewska

Thesis Title: Borderlines of Poetry and Art: Vancouver, American Modernism, and the Formation of the West Coast Avant-Garde, 1961-69
Advisor: John O'Brian – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Serge Guilbaut

Kathleen Lynne Wyma

Thesis Title: Discourse & Practice of Radicalism in Contemp. Indian Art 1960-90
Advisor: Katherine Hacker – Reader(s): Harjot Oberoi, John O'Brian

Aleksandra Idzior

Thesis Title: Urbanotopia and The Frontier
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Sherry McKay

Charity Mewburn

Thesis Title: Representing the Irish Body in England and France
Advisor: Maureen Ryan – Reader(s): Joy Dixon, Sherry McKay

Patricia Kelly

Thesis Title: From SDS to LDS: Politics, Viewers, and Minimal Art in Late 1960s America
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Rose Marie San Juan

Lynn Marie Ruscheinsky

Thesis Title: The Production of Gender in Maya Figurines
Advisor: Marvin Cohodas – Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Bill French