MFA Major Paper Topics and Artworks

Current Students

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Past Graduates

Eric Angus

Major Paper Title: (sediments) (striations)Advisor(s): Dana Claxton Reader(s): Barbara Zeigler, Robert Pritchard (Music)

Jamey Braden

Advisor(s): Dana ClaxtonReader(s): T'ai Smith

Anyse Ducharme

Major Paper Title: A choreography of human and machinic movembnets; a symphony of failures and near failures through one (flesh) and one (object) interactionAdvisor(s): Gareth James Reader(s): Barbara Zeigler, Christine D'Onofrio

Todd Evanger

Advisor(s): Marina RoyReader(s): Dana Claxton, Christine D'Onofrio

Jessica Gnyp

Advisor(s): Marina RoyReader(s): Gareth James

Daniel Phillips

Advisor(s): Marina Roy

Maureen (Erin) Siddall

Advisor(s): Marina RoyReader(s): Jaleh Mansoor

Michelle Weinstein

alt text
Advisor(s): Gareth JamesReader(s): Marina Roy, Charlotte Townsend-Gault

Setareh Yasan

Advisor(s): Marina RoyReader(s): Gareth James

Fabiola Carranza
Advisor(s): Gareth James
Reader(s): Marina Roy

Marie Horstead
Advisor(s): Dana Claxton
Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor, Marina Roy

Chris Howison
Major Paper Title: An exercise in exclusion
Advisor(s): Richard Prince
Reader(s): Gareth James

Guadalupe Martinez
Advisor(s): Dana Claxton
Reader(s): Gareth James, Catherine Soussloff

Kate Moss
Advisor(s): Marina Roy
Reader(s): Catherine Soussloff, Manuel Pina

Nelly Cesar-Marin


Major Paper Title: A Little SuicideAdvisor(s): Manuel Pina, Phil McCrum

Carlos Colin


Major Paper Title: SUR Huelga Antropofágica (Cannibal Strike)Advisor(s): Manuel Pina Reader(s): Richard Prince, Catherine Soussloff

Kate Henderson


Major Paper Title: (Dis)embodied Apparatus, (Im)material Image: At the interface of the body and the cloudAdvisor(s): Dana Claxton Reader(s): Marina Roy, John O'Brian

Tristan Sober-Blodgett


Major Paper Title: Careers In Corporal and Psychic Waste ManagementAdvisor(s): Dana Claxton  Reader(s): Scott Watson

Stephen Wichuk


Advisor(s): Marina Roy Reader(s): Gareth James, John O'Brian