CCST Major Paper Topics

Lance Blomgren

Weiyi Chang

Lea Florentin Toulouse
Exhibition curated by Lea Florentin Toulouse »

Ines Min

Sarah Todd
Exhibition curated by Sarah Todd »

Justin Barski

Derrick Chang
Thesis Title: "Acting Out: Beyond Queer Citizenship" (tentative) Areas - Queer experience, transnationalism, docufictional portraiture
Exhibition curated by Derrick Chang »

Louis Alexandre Douesnard-Malo
Exhibition curated by Louis Alexandre Douesnard-Malo »

Kristine Olson
Exhibition curated by Kristine Olson »

April Thompson

Shaun Dacey
Exhibition curated by Shaun Dacey »

Jonah Gray
Exhibition curated by Jonah Gray »

Jeremy Jaud
Exhibition curated by Jeremy Jaud »

Carolyn Jervis
Thesis Title: (Area: Material and visual culture of cults and alternative religions)
Exhibition curated by Carolyn Jervis »

Michaela Rife
Thesis Title: (Area: Environmental art, rural practice, geography and the politics of land use.)
Exhibition curated by Michaela Rife »

Jordan Strom
Thesis Title: The Infra-structural Image
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Catherine Soussloff

Klara Manhal
Thesis Title: Things’ Matter: Accounting for the Material Intelligence of Things
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault  Reader(s): Gareth James
Exhibition curated by Klara Manhal »

Shahana Rajani
Thesis Title: Representing the City in the Global Imaginary
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor  Reader(s): Katherine Hacker
Exhibition curated by Shahana Rajani »

Katherine (Katie) Schroeder
Advisor: Catherine Soussloff
Exhibition curated by Katherine (Katie) Schroeder »

Eva Sofia Stalner
Thesis Title: Shifting Margins: Emily Carr and Irene Hoffar Reid
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor  Reader(s): T'ai Smith
Exhibition curated by Eva Sofia Stalner »

Adriana Estrada Centelles
Thesis Title: Towards Necropolitics and the Destruction of Borders
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Catherine Soussloff
Exhibition curated by Adriana Estrada Centelles »

Tarah Hogue
Thesis Title: Ontological Battles and Becomings in an Exhibition of Contemporary Indigenous Art in Winnipeg
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Jaleh Mansoor
Exhibition curated by Tarah Hogue »

Mohammad Salemy
Thesis Title: Habitat Dioramas and the Age of Database & Interface
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Catherine Soussloff
Exhibition curated by Mohammad Salemy »

Jenny Walton
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor  Reader(s): Rob Stone
Exhibition curated by Jenny Walton »

Daina Warren
Thesis Title: The Placement of Self: Cree Cultural Cosmologies within Contemporary Arts
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Rajdeep Gill, Stephen Foster
Exhibition curated by Daina Warren »

Allison Collins
Thesis Title: Hold STill Wild Youth: The GINA Show Archive
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): John O'Brian
Exhibition curated by Allison Collins »

Darrin Martens
Thesis Title: Exhibiting Aboriginality within a Field of Spectacle: First Nations Art Exhibitions during the 2010 Cultural Olympiad
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault
Exhibition curated by Darrin Martens »

Jennifer Cane
Thesis Title: Surveyors & Tourists: Glenn Lewis & N.E. Thing Co. - British Columbian Space Transformed
Advisor: William Wood
Exhibition curated by Jennifer Cane »

Kim Nguyen
Thesis Title: Ease Your Feet Into the Sea
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): John O'Brian
Exhibition curated by Kim Nguyen »

Jessie Birch
Thesis Title: Introductory Copy or, Thoughts on Miméstime
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Marina Roy
Exhibition curated by Jessie Birch »

Sophie Claude Brodovitch
Thesis Title: The Backlot: An Analysis in Six Acts
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Scott Watson
Exhibition curated by Sophie Claude Brodovitch »

Matthew Ralph Hills
Thesis Title: Sonny Assu: As Defined within the Indian Act
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault
Exhibition curated by Matthew Ralph Hills »

Kegan McFadden
Thesis Title: How Much Longer
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Marina Roy
Exhibition curated by Kegan McFadden »

Elizabeth Sunran Park
Thesis Title: Limits of Tolerance and Spaces of Difference
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault
Exhibition curated by Elizabeth Sunran Park »

Jean-François Stephane Renaud
Thesis Title: Beyond Redemption: Gay Erotic Art
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): John O'Brian
Exhibition curated by Jean-François Stephane Renaud »

Julie Anne Bevan
Thesis Title: Material Obsessions: Janet Morton & Evelyn Roth
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Marina Roy
Exhibition curated by Julie Anne Bevan »

Charo Neville
Thesis Title: Reprsenting Vancouver's Downtown Eastside: The Production of Meaning Within a Socially Marginalized Landscape
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Keith Wallace
Exhibition curated by Charo Neville »

Elizabeth Ann Bruchet
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Marina Roy
Exhibition curated by Elizabeth Ann Bruchet »

Seamus Kealy
Thesis Title: Delay, Misanthropy, Desublimation and the Counter-Tradition of the Loser: Contemporary Viennese Art and its Avant Garde Predecessors
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Bill Wood
Exhibition curated by Seamus Kealy »

Jessie Grace Caryl
Thesis Title: Re-Reading the 80's: Feminisms as Process in Vancouver
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Serge Guilbault
Exhibition curated by Jessie Grace Caryl »

Jamila Dunn
Thesis Title: Amazons of Feminine Emancipation
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan
Exhibition curated by Jamila Dunn »

Veronika Klaptocz
Thesis Title: Makeshift: Urban Interventions In Johannesburg
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): John O'Brian
Exhibition curated by Veronika Klaptocz »

Katie Ellen Spicer
Thesis Title: Museopathy
Advisor: Scott Watson
Exhibition curated by Katie Ellen Spicer »