Graduate Student Paper Topics and Artworks

Current Students

Cam McLellan

Primary Advisor: Marina Roy Secondary Advisor: Catherine Soussloff

Parvin Peivandi

Primary Advisor: Marina Roy Secondary Advisors: T'ai Smith, Dana Claxton

Christopher Lacroix

Primary Advisor: Dana Claxton Secondary Advisors: Christine D'Onofrio, Ignacio Adriasola

Candice Okada

Primary Advisor: Dana Claxton Secondary Advisors: Gu Xiong, Ignacio Adriasola

Mariah Pandhiani

Primary Advisor: Barbara Zeigler Secondary Advisors: Christine D'Onofrio, Katherine Hacker

Aileen Bahmanipour

Primary Advisor: Marina Roy Secondary Advisors: Saygin Salgirli, Jaleh Mansoor

Past Graduates

Eric Angus

Major Paper Title: (sediments) (striations) Primary Advisor: Dana Claxton Secondary Advisors: Barbara Zeigler, Robert Pritchard (Music)

Jamey Braden

Primary Advisor: Dana Claxton Secondary Advisor: T'ai Smith

Anyse Ducharme

Major Paper Title: A choreography of human and machinic movembnets; a symphony of failures and near failures through one (flesh) and one (object) interaction Primary Advisor: Gareth James Secondary Advisors: Barbara Zeigler, Christine D'Onofrio

Todd Evanger

Primary Advisor: Marina Roy Secondary Advisors: Dana Claxton, Christine D'Onofrio

Jessica Gnyp

Primary Advisor: Marina Roy Secondary Advisor: Gareth James

Michelle Weinstein

Primary Advisor: Gareth James Secondary Advisors: Marina Roy, Charlotte Townsend-Gault

Setareh Yasan

Primary Advisor: Marina Roy Secondary Advisor: Gareth James

Fabiola Carranza
Advisor(s): Gareth James
Reader(s): Marina Roy

Marie Horstead
Advisor(s): Dana Claxton
Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor, Marina Roy

Chris Howison
Major Paper Title: An exercise in exclusion
Advisor(s): Richard Prince
Reader(s): Gareth James

Guadalupe Martinez
Advisor(s): Dana Claxton
Reader(s): Gareth James, Catherine Soussloff

Kate Moss
Advisor(s): Marina Roy
Reader(s): Catherine Soussloff, Manuel Pina

Nelly Cesar-Marin

Major Paper Title: A Little Suicide Primary Advisor: Manuel Pina, Phil McCrum

Carlos Colin

Major Paper Title: SUR Huelga Antropofágica (Cannibal Strike) Primary Advisor: Manuel Pina Secondary Advisors: Richard Prince, Catherine Soussloff

Kate Henderson

Major Paper Title: (Dis)embodied Apparatus, (Im)material Image: At the interface of the body and the cloud Primary Advisor: Dana Claxton Secondary Advisors: Marina Roy, John O'Brian

Tristan Sober-Blodgett

Major Paper Title: Careers In Corporal and Psychic Waste Management Primary Advisor: Dana Claxton Secondary Advisor: Scott Watson

Stephen Wichuk

Primary Advisor: Marina Roy Secondary Advisors: Gareth James, John O'Brian

Current Students

Lisa Andersen
Thesis Title: Early Modern Intermediality: Courtly Space and its Translation in the School of Fontainebleau
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson

Heida Arnadottir
Thesis Title: The depth of material: Art history and Speculative Realism, in search of a methodology
Advisor: T’ai Smith

Gloria Bell

Joan Boychuk
Thesis Title: Multum in Parvo: The Miniatures of Joris Hoefnagel and the Gathered Practices of Central European Court Culture
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Katherine Hacker

Kristen Carter
Thesis Title: ‘What Do We Do Now?’ Strategies and Responses to Disillusionment, ‘Failure’ and Rage: Individuality and Art After 1968
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor, John O’Brian

Heather Caverhill

Michael Coughlin
Thesis Title: Prudence and the Harmonics of Time in the Sixteenth-Century Venetian Architecture
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Serge Guilbaut, Erin Campbell (U.Vic)

Marcia Crosby
Thesis Title: Urban Aboriginal Cultural Production: A dialogue between representations and the imaginary, and historical facts and experience.
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Mique’l Dangeli
Thesis Title: Dancing Sovereignty: Politics and Protocols of Northwest Coast First Nations Dance
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gualt  Reader(s): Katherine Hacker, Jerry Wasserman, Paige Raibmon

Maja Dujakovic
Thesis Title: On Books and Death: the Danse Macabre Printed Books in the Fifteenth Century
Advisor: Carol Knicely  Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson, Maureen Ryan

Adrienne Fast
Thesis Title: An Indian Impression: Reproduction, Mark-making and Modernity in Early Twentieth Century Bengal
Advisor: Katherine Hacker  Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson, Harjot Oberoi, Anne Murphy

Juan Gaitan
Thesis Title: Act Without Image
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Scott Watson, Cathy Soussloff

Ryan Gauvin
Thesis Title: Worker Photography, Everyday Histories, and a Nuanced Canadian Identity
Advisor: John O’Brian

Yanlong  Guo 
Thesis Title: Affordable Luxury: Consumption of Mirrors in Han dynasty Central China
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault  Reader(s): Yue Hongbin, Alison Bailey, Katherine Hacker, Lillian Lan-ying Tseng

Menno Hubregtse
Thesis Title: Aero-kinaesthetics: Airport Aesthetics and the Regulation of Mobilities in the Terminal
Advisor: Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Sherry McKay

Katherine Jackson
Thesis Title: The Art as Social Worker? The Community Art Movement in the UK and Re-examing the Role of the Artist in Contemporary Society
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault, T’ai Smith

Judy Jansen

Jasmina Karabeg
Thesis Title: Le Hazard Objectif — Surrealism, Science and Politics
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Robert Brain, Bronwen Wilson, William Wood

Jessica Law
Thesis Title: Topology, and the Materialization of Space within Drawing
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor

Kyoung Yong (Anton) Lee
Thesis Title: Narrative Forms and Visual Sequences: The New Photography in American Practice and French Discourse, 1970-1990
Advisor: Catherine Soussloff  Reader(s): T’ai Smith & Scott Watson

Pamela MacKenzie

Savannah Marlatt

Heather Muckart
Thesis Title: Truth, Vision and Knowing in Early Modern English Martyr Portraits
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson

Vytas Narusevicius
Thesis Title: Parallel Processing: Conceptual Art in the Age of Revolt, 1966-1970
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Scott Watson, Jaleh Mansoor

Jeff O’Brien

Jennifer Pace
Thesis Title: The Banlieues Problem: Locating Housing for the Greatest Number in Architectural Practice and Discourse
Advisor: Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe  Reader(s): Abidin Kusno, Sherry McKay

Vanessa Parent
Thesis Title: Viennese Actionism: Subversion, the Body and the building of Community
Advisor: Jaleh Mansoor

Jessica Poon
Thesis Title: Cosmopolitanism as a National Ideal: The Painters Eleven and the Figuration of Postwar Canadian Identity, 1948-1957
Advisor: John O’Brian  Reader(s): Serge Guilbaut, T’ai Smith

Sameena Sameena

Marisa Sanchez
Thesis Title: (Areas:post-1960 artistic practices, history and theory of the avant-garde, curatorial practice and museum culture, historiography, and contemporary art with a focus on the continued influence of playwright Samuel Beckett on artists working today).
Advisor: Catherine Soussloff

Rajarshi Sengupta
Thesis Title: Rethinking Chintz: Re-creating and analysing the development of block printed textile production in 17-18th century South India and beyond
Advisor: Katherine Hacker

Robin Simpson
Thesis Title: Surrounded by me: Video Art between the Studio and the Clinic
Advisor: John O’Brian  Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor, T’ai Smith

Russell Stephens
Thesis Title: The Role of Argot, or Popular Slang of the Street, in the Caricature of Honore Daumier and Cham, 1848 to 1871
Advisor: Maureen Ryan

Anika Sterba
Thesis Title: (Area: Early 20th Century Art)

Ivana Vranic
Thesis Title: Between Physis and Techn?: Molding, Firing and Painting Terracotta Passion Groups in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Italy
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Carol Knicely, John O’Brian

Jacqueline Witkowski

Krystel Chehab
Thesis Title: Material Conversations: Naturalism, Discernment and Seventeenth-Century Spanish Still-Life Painting
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Benjamin Schmidt (U of Washington)

Ivana Horacek
Thesis Title: Alchemy of the gift: Things and Material Transformations at the Court of Emperor Rudolf II
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Charlotte Townsend-Gault

Catherine (Kate) Steinmann
Thesis Title: Visceral Exposure: Melanie Gilligan, Hito Steyerl and the Biopolitics of Visibility
Advisor: John O'Brian

Su-Chen Chang
Thesis Title: Improvising a Great Age: the Creating of Qingming Shengshi (A Great Age under a Benign Regime)
Advisor: Dr. Hsingyuan Tsao  Reader(s): Dr. Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe, Dr. Timothy Brook

Asato Ikeda
Thesis Title: Mobilizing Every Body: Japanese Art, Fascism, and War (1931-1945)
Advisor: John O'Brian, Joshua Mostow  Reader(s): Sharalyn Orbaugh, Katherine Hacker

April Liu
Thesis Title: Living in Auspiciousness: the revival of Mianzhu's New Year Picture (nianhua) industry
Advisor: Tsao Hsinghuan  Reader(s): Katherine Hacker, Leo Shin, Catherine Swatek

Geoffrey Carr
Thesis Title: Building Assimilation: Architecture, Memory, and British Columbia's Indian Residential School System
Advisor: Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Charlotte Townsend Gault

Kazuko Madar (Kameda)
Thesis Title: Pictures of Social Networks: Transforming Visual Representations of the Orchid Pavilion Gathering in the Tokugawa Period (1615-1868)
Advisor: Joshua Mostow  Reader(s): Marv Cohodas, Tsao Hsinghuan

Darlene Calyniuk
Thesis Title: Pistils and Stamens: Botanophilia, Sex and Nationhood in Eighteenth-Century Georgian Britain
Advisor: Maureen Ryan  Reader(s): John O'Brian, Sherry MacKay

Michael Windover
Thesis Title: Aestheticizing Mobilities: Art Deco and the Fashioning of Interwar Public Cultures
Advisor: Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe  Reader(s): Katherine Hacker, Sherry McKay

Barry Magrill
Thesis Title: A "Commerce of Taste" In Pattern Books of Anglican Church Architecture in Canada 1867-1914
Advisor: Maureen Ryan  Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Malcoom Thurlby, Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe

Martha Lydia Sesin
Thesis Title: Playing Their Game: France, Latin America, and the Transformation of Geometric Abstraction in Postwar Paris
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Bill Wood

Dorothy Barenscott
Thesis Title: Troubling Modernity: Spatial Politics, Technologies of Seeing, and the Crisis of the City and the World's Exhibition in Fin de Siècle Budapest
Advisor: Maureen Ryan  Reader(s): John O'Brian, Sherry McKay

Colin Brent Epp
Thesis Title: Art Economy and Criticism
Advisor: Serge Guilbault  Reader(s): Sherry McKay, John O'Brian

Kimberly Jean Phillips
Thesis Title: "Looking for Berlin: Imaginary Cities Behind the Unified Capital"
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Sherry McKay, Steven Taubeneck

Megan Smetzer
Thesis Title: Assimilation or Resistance? The Production and Consumption of Tlingit Beadwork
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault  Reader(s): Marvin Cohodas, Ruth Phillips

Lara Halina Tomaszewska
Thesis Title: Borderlines of Poetry and Art: Vancouver, American Modernism, and the Formation of the West Coast Avant-Garde, 1961-69
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Charlotte Townsend-Gault, Serge Guilbaut

Kathleen Lynne Wyma
Thesis Title: Discourse & Practice of Radicalism in Contemp. Indian Art 1960-90
Advisor: Katherine Hacker  Reader(s): Harjot Oberoi, John O'Brian

Aleksandra Idzior
Thesis Title: Urbanotopia and The Frontier
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Carol Knicely, Sherry McKay

Charity Mewburn
Thesis Title: Representing the Irish Body in England and France
Advisor: Maureen Ryan  Reader(s): Joy Dixon, Sherry McKay

Patricia Kelly
Thesis Title: From SDS to LDS: Politics, Viewers, and Minimal Art in Late 1960s America
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Rose Marie San Juan

Lynn Marie Ruscheinsky
Thesis Title: The Production of Gender in Maya Figurines
Advisor: Marvin Cohodas  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan, Bill French

Current Students

Alison Ariss

Chanel Blouin

Irene Choi

Jean Kyung (Alice) Choi

Esme Cunningham

Katherine Damon

Laura Dickson
Thesis Title: (Area: Modern and Contemporary art)
Advisor: John O’Brian

Karl Fousek
Thesis Title: Affective Demands: Facial Expression and the Management of Emotion in Duchenne de Boulogne’s The Mechanism of Human Physiognomy
Advisor: Maureen Ryan, John O’Brian

Amelia Hooning

Tristan Ignas-Menzies

Siwin Lo
Thesis Title: Work and the Work of Art: Agnes Martin, 1959-1964

David Norman

Madeline Ullrich

Jue (Jade) Wang

Heather  Woolley

Michael Zhang

Judy Jansen
Thesis Title: Framing a Shifting Paradign: Art & Anatomy in the Early Modern Era

Jeff O'Brien
Thesis Title: Archive as History: Godard, Gericault and Hirschhorn's "Costa Concordia"
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Charlotte Townsend-Gault

Jocelyn Plant
Thesis Title: Ornament in the Science of God: the Precious Covers of the Lindau Gospels

Denise Ryner
Thesis Title: Space is a Participant: Strategies of Activation and Presence in the Contemporary Practice of Brian Jungen
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault  Reader(s): Dana Claxton

Rachel Smith
Thesis Title: Beyond Epistemic Disobedience: The Importance of Humor in Fred Wilson's Mining the Museum
Advisor: Katherine Hacker  Reader(s): T'ai Smith

Jayne Wilkinson
Thesis Title: Art Documents: Complicating the Visible in the work of Taryn Simon and Trevor Paglen
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor

Jacqueline Witkowski
Thesis Title: Ever present, never presented: Suzanne Lacy, feminisim, and quilting
Advisor: T'ai Smith  Reader(s): John O'Brian

Victoria Addona
Thesis Title: Boundaries of License: The Materiality of the Painted Facade in Cinquecento Venice.
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Toby Lawrence
Thesis Title: Whose Body? Nicholas and Sheila Pye's 'The Coronation'
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Jaleh Mansoor

Dana Loughlin
Thesis Title: The Entomology of Ornament: 'Essai de Papillonneries Humaines' and the Metamorphoses of Eighteenth-Century Decorative Art
Advisor: Maureen Ryan  Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Robyn Rossmeisl
Thesis Title: Encountering the embodied mouth of hell: the play of oppositions in religious vernacular theater
Advisor: Carol Knicely

Russell  Stephens
Thesis Title: Slanging the emperor: Honoré Daumier’s Le Monde illustré caricatures of the 1867 Exposition Universelle
Advisor: Maureen Ryan  Reader(s): John O’Brian

Shalini Vanan
Thesis Title: 17th-Century Neapolitan Paintings of the Flagellation of Christ: Temporality, Pain & Performance
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Danijela Zutic
Thesis Title: Seeing again: geometry, cartography and visions in the work of Opicinus de Canistris (1296-C.1354)
Advisor: Carol Knicely  Reader(s): Bronwen Wilon

Lisa Andersen
Thesis Title: Rosso's Fury : engraving, antique sculpture, and the topos of death
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Larissa Grzesiak
Thesis Title: Spolia's Implications in the Early Christian Church
Advisor: Catherine M. Soussloff  Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Samuel Sackeroff
Thesis Title: The testimonial gesture : temporality and mediation in representations of John the Baptist
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Marv Cohodas, Maureen Ryan

Vanessa Sorenson
Thesis Title: Messages to the public : Krzysztof Wodiczko and Jenny Holzer vs. the Reagan revolution
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut

Kelsey Wilson
Thesis Title: Visualizing the Imperial Mission of the Salvation Army
Advisor: Maureen Ryan  Reader(s): Joy Dixon

Erica Zacharias
Thesis Title: Gordon Matta-Clark's photographic spaces
Advisor: Catherine M. Soussloff  Reader(s): John O'Brian

Carla Benzan
Thesis Title: Conditions of Sociability: Mobility, Mutability and Medaglie in Early Modern Networks and Publics
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Serge Guilbaut, Jillian Taylor-Lerner

Jean Kares
Thesis Title: Playing Host to Cultural Prestige: Transmission and Translation Through Two Manchu Kesi
Advisor: Tsao Hsingyuan  Reader(s): Katherine Hacker

Rebecca Lesser
Thesis Title: Mid-Century Canadian Portrait Photography
Advisor: John O'Brian

Amanda Sciampacone
Thesis Title: Monumental Failure: British Representations of the Black Hole Memorial of Calcutta
Advisor: Maureen Ryan  Reader(s): Katherine Hacker

Devon Smither
Thesis Title: Beyond the Mirror: Nude Self-representation in the Work of Lilias Torrance Newton, Prudence Heward, and Pegi Nicol MacLeod
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson

Ivana Vranic
Thesis Title: Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà: Materiality, Temporality and Transubstantiation
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson  Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Angela Zhang
Thesis Title: Ignorant Gaze: George MaCartney's Negotiation with China in 1793
Advisor: Hsingyuan Tsao, Serge Guilbaut

Ashley Belanger
Thesis Title: Avalanche and File: Plotting in the field of cultural production
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Scott Watson

Greg Gibson
Thesis Title: Moving Forward: The "Save the Kogawa House" Campaign and Reconciliatory Politics in Canada
Advisor: Scott Watson  Reader(s): Chris Friedrichs

Adah Hudson (Neuman)
Thesis Title: Sailing the Boat of Tradition: Mi Fu’s Revision and Innovation in Calligraphy
Advisor: Hsingyuan Tsao  Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson

Sara Mameni-Bushor
Thesis Title: "Failed & Fell: Fell to Fail" The Narration of History in the Works of Tacita Dean and Jeremy Deller
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): William Wood

Laura Matwichuk
Thesis Title: Slide Show, Monograph, Cibachrome: Nan Goldin's Colour Photographs in Three Forms
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): John O'Brian

Heather Muckart
Thesis Title: The Face of Death: Prints, Personifications and the Great Plague of London
Advisor: Bronwen Wilson, Carol Knicely

Joshua Schwab
Thesis Title: Recordando los Binnigula’sa’ - Multiple voices in the Lienzo de Guevea y Petapa
Advisor: Marv Cohodas  Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson, Hsingyuan Tsao

Kimberley Tuttle
Thesis Title: A View of the City: The Urban Landscape and its Architectural Imagery in the Ashburnham Pentateuch
Advisor: Carol Knicely  Reader(s): Bronwen Wilson

Ian Pui Adam Chu
Thesis Title: Crossing the Borders of a Merchant Class: Imagining and Representing Elite Status in the Portraits of the Hong Merchants of Canton
Advisor: Hsingyuan Tsao  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Jeffrey DeCloedt
Thesis Title: How to Read the Bill Reid Bill
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault  Reader(s): Hsingyuan Tsao

Kristen Lambertson
Thesis Title: Mariko Mori and Takashi Murakami
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Hsingyuan Tsao

Zoe Pei-Yu Li
Thesis Title: Consoling Frustrated Scholars: A Copy of a Parting Gift by Wen Zhengming
Advisor: Hsingyuan Tsao  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Lisa Gayle Marshall
Thesis Title: What Design Means to Art
Advisor: Bill Wood  Reader(s): John O’Brian

Milena Tomic
Thesis Title: Rituals and Repetitions: The Displacement of Context in Marina Abramovic's Seven Easy Pieces
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): William Wood

Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda
Thesis Title: Art and Possibility: From Nationalism to Neoliberalism. The Cultural Interventions of Banamex and Televisa
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Serge Guilbaut

Jamie Linn Kemp
Thesis Title: Score & Structure in Ritual Representation
Advisor: Carol Knicely

Christian Patrick Monks
Thesis Title: The twilight years of pictorialism in Vancouver the art photography of Percy Bently during the Second World War
Advisor: John O Brian  Reader(s): William Wood

Mique'l Askren
Thesis Title: From Negative to Positive: BA Haldane, 19thc Tsimshian Photographer
Advisor: Charlotte Townsend-Gault  Reader(s): Marvin Cohodas

Simon McNally
Thesis Title: Distension and Dissension: Artforum and the Seventies
Advisor: William Wood  Reader(s): Ken Lum

Maja Dujakovic
Thesis Title: Dancing with the Dance of the Dead: Cemetery of the Innocents and the Ramifications of the Macabre
Advisor: Carol Knicely  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Laura MacDonald
Thesis Title: Bring the pain Bob Flanagan, Sheree Rose and masochistic art during the NEA...
Advisor: Bill Wood  Reader(s): John O’Brian

Catherine (Kate) Steinmann
Thesis Title: Study from Nature: Women, Mobility, and the Politics of Urban Vision in Harper's Weekly , January 1860
Advisor: Maureen Ryan  Reader(s): John O’Brian

Juan Andres Gaitan
Thesis Title: The Indigenous as an Allegorical Figure in Antionio Caro's (Momenaje a Manuel Quintin) Lame and Cildo Meireles' (Zero Cruzeiro)
Advisor: Rita Eder  Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Jaffar Khonsary
Thesis Title: Between Clutter and Containment: Situating Eugene Atget's Interieurs parisiens
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Cecilia Olivares Farias
Thesis Title: A Hunger for Freedom, A wall of Separation Migrant Votive Images
Advisor: Carol Knicely  Reader(s): Rita Eder

Monika Szewczyk
Thesis Title: Unsafe Building: Coming & Reading int Vito Acconci's 'The Red Tapes'
Advisor: John O’Brian  Reader(s): Scott Watson

David Matthew Alexandre
Thesis Title: Looking Through Ruin: Canadian Photography at Ypres and the Archive of War
Advisor: John O'Brian  Reader(s): Rose Marie San Juan

Paloma Campbell
Thesis Title: Looking at Annibale Carracci's 'The Butcher Shop'
Advisor: Rose Marie San Juan  Reader(s): Maureen Ryan

Rajdeep Singh Gill
Thesis Title: Indigenous Spectres, Subversive Lilas: Encounters Between Nawabi Authority, Colonialism & Popular Ritual in Lucknow
Advisor: Katherine Hacker  Reader(s): Sunera Thobani

Jasmina Karabeg
Thesis Title: Caravaggio's Crucifixion of St Andrew: From the Abstraction of the Law to the Afflicted Body
Advisor: Rose Marie San Juan  Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Kim-Ly Thi Nguyen
Thesis Title: Vincenzo Campi's Rocptta Eaters (c. 1585): Viewership and the Early Modern Market
Advisor: Rose Marie San Juan  Reader(s): Carol Knicely

Sadira Elfrieda Rodrigues
Thesis Title: Neither Red Nor Black! Cuba, Africa, and the Politics of Posters
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Scott Watson

Kari Leanne Shepherdson
Thesis Title: Fists, Youth, and Protest: Oshima Nagisa's Filmic Rebellion in 1960
Advisor: Serge Guilbaut  Reader(s): Joshua Musto

  • Where Does it Hurt? Curated by CCST Candidate Jonah Gray

    June 7th,  2014

    Where Does it Hurt? Curated by CCST Candidate Jonah Gray

    Opening: Friday, June 6, 8pm. June 7 to July 26,2014. CATHY BUSBY, DAVID MACWILLIAM, RACHELLE SAWATSKY, KRISTA BELLE STEWART Curated by JONAH GRAY Boris Groys recently claimed that artworks are inherently sick and require a curator to heal them by including them in an exhibition.[1] While this was likely more...

  • Sans Song: curated by CCST candidate Jenny Walton

    April 27th,  2012

    Sans Song: curated by CCST candidate Jenny Walton

    Opening reception: 26th April 2012 at 7pm. Exhibition runs to June 2, 2012. Introducing new works by Nathan McNinch and by Joshua Bonnetta, in conjunction with two pieces released in 1976 by Joan La Barbara, the artworks in Sans Song investigate the tools and instruments of vocal sonic production and...

  • Rehearsal Research: curated by CCST candidate Sarah Todd

    April 19th,  2011

    Rehearsal Research: curated by CCST candidate Sarah Todd

    Justine Chambers, Holly Ward, Paul Kajander. Curated and coordinated by Sarah Todd. Closing reception and performance by Justine Chambers, April 28, 6 -9 PM. Tuesday April 19 – Thursday April 28 Open Tuesday – Saturday 12pm -5pm Rehearsal Research is a presentation of work made during the Rehearsal Research residency,...

  • Cosmologies: anything that exists has a beginning; curated by CCST candidate Daina Warren

    July 4th,  2009

    Cosmologies: anything that exists has a beginning; curated by CCST candidate Daina Warren

    Opening, Friday, July 3, 2009. Artist Talk: July 4, 2009 at 2pm. Show runs July 4 to August 8, 2009. Jason Baerg, Dana Claxton Lewis deSoto, Richard Tawhanga Kereopa This multi-media group exhibition deals with complex cultural systems created by individual artists from various Indigenous cultures. These systems of knowing...

  • Limits of Tolerance: Re-framing Multicultural State Policy; curated by CCST candidate Liz Park

    May 19th,  2007

    Limits of Tolerance: Re-framing Multicultural State Policy; curated by CCST candidate Liz Park

    EXHIBITION: May 19 to June 23, 2007. Guest Curator: Liz Park,candidate in the CCST program. OPENING: Friday May 18, 8pm Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 -18:00, Sunday-Monday closed SYMPOSIUM: Saturday May 26, 14:00 to 17:00, UBC Robson Square theatre A group exhibition with works by Dana Claxton, Stan Douglas, Laiwan,...

  • Makeshift; curated by CCST candidate Veronika Klaptocz

    April 8th,  2004

    Makeshift; curated by CCST candidate Veronika Klaptocz

    8 April – 1 May 2004 Opening Reception:  Wednesday 7 April 2004,  8 -10 pm Curators’ Talk: Saturday 17 March, 3 pm, at Interurban Work by Dirk Bahmann, Keren Ben Zeev, Jeremy Downie, Ismail Farouk, Sphiwe Gama, Nicholas Hlobo, Alison Kearney, Kasia Kwiecinska, Brenton Maart, Vivienne Mahloko, Desné Masie, Toni...