Resonating Existent(s)

Closing Reception 4 to 6pm.

Resonating Existent(s), in conjunction with the 36th Annual AHVA Graduate Symposium: EYES on PROTEST, brings together eight, Canada-based artists to consider the construct of protest, its many narratives and its place in our contemporary society.

Every act of protest is inseparable from its location temporally, socially, and physically.  Each artist deals with this connection in a unique fashion; considering the ways that the places of our protest are policed, the specific histories of those involved, and the representation of artistic practice in relation to different movements.

Simultaneously, this exhibition questions the very material instruments of protest; the quotidian objects that become vessels of history and resonate with the stories of the individuals and groups that wield them. As with any assertion of agency and claim to politically legitimized existence, valid questions about the use of imagery, the language of resistance or the branding of protest, are foregrounded.

Resonating Existent(s) addresses these inseparable strands of protest, while speaking to our own University’s geographic location on non-ceded Musqueam land, asking us to investigate the many histories that are interwoven into every act of protest.

Exhibiting Artists:

Carlos Colín
Guadalupe Martinez
Britta Fluevog
Sarah Shamash
Tristan Sober-Blodgett
Jason O’Hara
Marilou André
Roy Meuwissen

Reception: Friday, March 8th 4:00 – 6:00pm